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Returned Students

Welcome Back!

We hope that your experience was both personally and academically rewarding and that you have returned to DePaul with new learning and insight that you will put to good use on campus, in our community, and in your own life wherever it takes you!

Upon your return, we understand that you will have questions about your grades and transcripts from your time abroad. You should expect a grade delay. Your grades can take up to 3-6 months after the conclusion of your program to display in your campus connect account. We can provide you with a letter template, confirming your completion of the coursework and an explanation of the “R” grade that will be on your transcripts until your earned grade is posted.  To request this letter, please contact your Study Abroad Advisor.

Returned study abroad students coming back from term-long programs are required to participate in at least one re-entry activity. Short term study abroad students are encouraged, but not required, to participate in applicable re-entry activities. Students are encouraged to participate in multiple re-entry activities.

To be clear: Short-term programs occur during December, spring break and summer. Term-long programs are a quarter or longer.
Below is a list of re-entry activities available to students upon their return to DePaul University:

1. Social Media  

Follow us on social media when you return to campus! We truly look forward to hearing about your study abroad experience, so share your adventures, stories, and photos with us. Like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter & Instagram and tag @DPUStudyAbroad in your posts.


2. Study Abroad Photo Contest

Submit your photos to the annual Study Abroad Photo Contest for a chance to win prizes like travel backpacks and journals! Check out past entries on our Facebook page. Winners are selected based on peer voting through Facebook. The Photo Contest usually opens in the winter quarter and concludes in the Spring quarter.


3. Study Abroad Video Contest

Create a video about your study abroad experience using clips and other footage collected during your time abroad. We encourage students to utilize some of the tips we provide on how to create and submit a video entry. Submit a short video that showcases your experiences abroad. Watch past video entries on our YouTube Channel. Winners are selected based on peer voting through Facebook. The video contest opens at the end of fall quarter and is usually held in the spring quarter. Winners are announced and prizes are awarded.

4. Study Abroad Blog: The SoJournal

Share advice, tips, or stories and photos about memorable moments you had while on study abroad. Submit your blog posts to to showcase your experience and help others prepare for and reflect on study abroad.


5. Lessons From Abroad Conference

Lessons From Abroad 2020 Flyer

Attend this one-day re-entry conference typically hosted on the last Saturday in January. This event is open to other Chicago area students as well as students from universities and colleges in the Midwest. This conference provides study abroad returnees with an opportunity to meet other returned students, hear from dynamic keynote speakers about their experiences abroad, and network with professionals working in internationally-focused jobs. Registration required. Space is limited.


6. G.L.O.B.E.

Become a member and join Global Learning Overseas By Experience, a student organization founded especially for returned study abroad students. Participate in multicultural learning and recreational activities on and off campus with G.L.O.B.E. during the academic year. Check out G.L.O.B.E.’s Facebook group for upcoming meetings and events. Join the club online via DeHUB.

7. What's up with Culture

Complete online modules 2.3 – 2.5. This online reflection tool sponsored by the School for International Training and the University of the Pacific, is for returning study abroad students seeking to explore reverse culture shock and allows students to reflect on their own cultural learning after having been abroad.

8. Study Abroad Fair

Talk about your study abroad experience to prospective study abroad students at the annual Study Abroad Fair! Share your experience of living and studying overseas. The annual Fair takes place in the fall quarter. Contact the Study Abroad Office to sign up to participate.

9. Orientations

Connect! Talk about your study abroad experience with students preparing to travel to the same country that you already lived and studied in. Returned study abroad students are the BEST resource for students preparing to study abroad. Pre-departure orientations occur twice a year. Contact the Study Abroad Office to sign up to attend these program-specific break-out sessions during orientations.


10. Attend Workshops

Employers are often impressed with the skills students gain while studying abroad. Presented by the DePaul Career Center, this workshop teaches students how to list newly acquired study abroad skills on their resumes and helps students articulate their study abroad experience more effectively in professional interviews.

Connect with international students here at DePaul to learn more about their home countries and to help them adjust to life in the U.S. The Office of International Student and Scholar Services offers numerous events and programs that you can get involved in.

Bon Appetit is a celebration of various cuisines around the world. Join DePaul students and staff each month during the lunch hours for a taste of Chicago, good conversation and to meet new friends. See the link above for registration and cost information.

The Global Coffee Hour program orients first-year graduate and undergraduate international students to student life at DePaul and in Chicago so that they are equipped to become full-members of the DePaul community, contribute to our Vincentian culture, and successfully meet their academic and personal goals. For more information on the program series and schedule, see the above link. There are opportunities to volunteer as a facilitator for the program.

As a returned study abroad student, you understand what it is like to be in a new, strange place and what it takes to adjust. You would be a great resource for newly arriving international students in terms of helping them to acclimate to DePaul and to Chicago. You can volunteer to become a peer mentor for these international students with The International Student Experience Exchange. The (ISEE) Peer Mentor Program pairs student mentors with incoming international students to facilitate smooth adjustment into the DePaul community. Please contact Jennifer von Drehle at

Other opportunities to help welcome international students to DePaul and assist them as they adjust to life in the U.S.

Build professional skills, keep your experience alive, and help future students make the decision to study abroad by becoming an On-Campus Study Abroad Ambassador. See more info and apply HERE. Applications are generally taken twice a year in August and January.

This guidebrought to you by the Career Center, will help you take the next step on your journey. Follow this step-by-step questionnaire of useful tips, advice, and a list of possible programs by region to help you decide.