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Student Stories

  • Why We Feel Changed

    "My 2006 trip to Chiapas, Mexico, as a student in the School of Public Service, featured a walk across an unruly jungle river, a visit to an impoverished community of indigenous people and an optional trip to the mysterious Mayan ruins of Palenque." - Pete Reinwald


  • A Life-Changing Experience

    "Fifteen students from DePaul University’s School of Public Service sailed through the 100-year-old Panama Canal in July. Professors Barbara Kraemer and Nick Kachiroubas led the Panama Study Abroad program, which fueled the interest of those students. We visited institutions, met with public officials and talked to local people, all of which made me one of the lucky 15." - Feroz Fernandes


  • Treated Like a Guest, not a Stranger

    "India is colorful, noisy, crowded, peaceful and serene — a country of enormous, stunning and beautiful contrasts.But this short essay is not about that. It is not about the colors and smells and sounds that any brochure or advertisement will sell you to get you on the next plane out. This is about something much more basic than that. This is about hospitality."- Alicja Feduniec


  • From DePaul to the World: Alumni See Business From a Global View

    "Students expand their horizons and hone their ability to break the ice with strangers, Iqbal explains, both of which enhance their self-confidence. They also gain greater empathy for others, having experienced that feeling of utter foreignness themselves. Iqbal explains, “Everyone returns with an appreciation for the intensity of friendships and a much better understanding of what a multicultural learning environment is really all about.”"

    Excerpt from article by Lori Ferguson


  • Study Abroad Trips Prepare Students for Global Economy

    “There’s something about learning in class versus applying a concept in real life,” says Iqbal, who leads annual study abroad trips to Japan and India, as well as leading a visit to Dubai in the past. “You can learn a concept, but if you can actually apply a concept in an internship or full-time job, you can really absorb it. And I treat study abroad the same way in which a student can take a concept learned in class and actually get to see it in action.” - Zafar Iqbal

    Excerpt from article by Jaclyn Lansbery