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Financial Aid & Scholarships

​While some study abroad programs are very expensive, others cost about as much as living and studying in Chicago. Use the Study Abroad Budget Worksheet to help you plan your budget and compare total costs across programs. Some important details to consider:
  • The cost of study abroad is tuition + a program fee. Both are billed to your DePaul student account.
  • Tuition is billed at your regular DePaul tuition rate based on the number of credits enrolled.
  • Look carefully to see what is included in your program fee and ask your program contact if you have questions. It could cover only health and accident insurance and an administrative fee or it could include housing, meals, flight, program excursions and more.
  • Your regular scholarships and financial aid apply to study abroad just like they do on campus. There are also additional opportunities for scholarships. Please note that your financial aid package may be different for Summer courses than for courses in the Fall, Winter and Spring terms. If you are considering a study abroad program with a Summer course, please contact the Financial Aid Office to see how your financial aid will apply during the summer.
For more information about how your financial aid package will apply to study abroad​, contact:

Non-DePaul Programs

Financial aid works differently for non-DePaul study abroad programs. Click here for more information.