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Hiring and Benefits

Explore the information below to learn about applying for adjunct faculty positions at DePaul, guidelines for adjunct faculty employment, benefits available to adjunct faculty and the instructions college follow for adjunct faculty evaluations.

Online Application System

Search college-by-college postings to review opportunities to express interest for consideration for a pool of adjunct faculty.

Hiring Procedures

A description of the steps a college takes when hiring adjunct faculty members.

Online Employee Orientation for Adjunct Faculty

An overview of the university and review of important policies and benefits. Viewing the online orientation requires Adobe Flash Player 10 or later and one of these browsers:

  • Windows: Internet Explorer 8 or later; Google Chrome, latest version; or Firefox, latest version
  • Mac: Safari 7 or later; Google Chrome, latest version; or Firefox, latest version

Adjunct Faculty Information Sheet

This document, provided to adjunct faculty upon hire, includes important information on:

  • Faculty responsibilities
  • Employment parameters
  • Course cancellation policy and guidelines
  • University notice

Adjunct Faculty Fact Sheet

Provides an overview of the wide range of benefits and services available to adjunct faculty.

Part-time Benefits

Comprehensive coverage of the benefits available to qualified adjunct faculty, including medical/dental/vision coverage, flexible spending accounts and pre-tax transportation benefits.

HR Presentation on Part-Time Benefits

An overview of benefits for adjunct faculty at DePaul University that was presented at the 2018 Adjunct Faculty Resource Fair. Updated 10/29/2018.

Evaluation Guidelines

A description of the adjunct faculty review guidelines that our colleges follow.​