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Voice in University and Department Academic Life

Adjunct faculty members exercise their voice through the Adjunct Faculty Advisory Committee (AFAC), formerly known as the Workplace Environment Committee (WEC),  an elected body that functions as a focused and responsive vehicle for voicing and resolving workplace concerns, and the Committee on Contingent Faculty, which is part of Faculty Council. They also can participate in department and college meetings and serve on representative bodies—though practices vary among schools and colleges.

Adjunct Faculty Advisory Committee

The Adjunct Faculty Advisory Committee (AFAC), formerly know as the Workplace Environment Committee (WEC), is an elected advisory body that hears, reports and suggests resolutions for workplace issues affecting the lives of adjunct faculty members across the university. The committee forwards issues of academic policy and governance to Faculty Council and its Committee on Contingent Faculty (CCF). Elections are held at the beginning of fall quarter.



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Committee on Contingent Faculty

The Committee on Contingent Faculty is part of Faculty Council. It reviews, monitors and recommends changes for university policies that impact contingent faculty. The committee focuses on policies that address contingent (full-time term and part-time adjunct) faculty’s academic freedom and benefits. The committee helps to promote the communication and interactions between contingent faculty and tenure-line faculty. It also addresses and advocates for the resolution of contingent faculty concerns and promotes the inclusion of contingent faculty within the university community.


Tenure-line faculty

Steel, Robert
CDM 2024
Binder, Christine
Theatre 2024
Dillard, Sydney (study leave AQ)
Communication 2024
Feiker Hollenbeck, Amy Education 2022
Jensen, Jaclyn
Business 2023
Li, Yan
CSH 2025
Ramanath, Ramya
LAS 2024

Term Faculty

Merrick, Amy
CMN 2025
DeCesare, Antony
Education 2023
Hohenzy, Victoria
LAS 2022
Prikhodko, Maria
LAS 2024
Ryan, Robert
Business 2024
Warren, Elyse
CSH 2023

Adjunct Faculty

​Dulaney, Ellen
​Kowalkowski, Jeffrey
Little, Heather
​MacKenna, Erin
​Nowak, Thomas
​Taylor, Brett
​Ward-Herman, Elisabeth