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As a university whose first priority is teaching, DePaul offers a variety of resources to support the classroom and online experience, and to help faculty remain up-to-date with best practices so as to continually improve their craft. Everything from basic information for getting started teaching at DePaul, to links for online tools supporting your courses, to opportunities for advancing your skills, as well as offices that can help with particular aspects of your practice are available.

Online Resources

Teaching Commons 

University Library
Academic Integrity
​Student Success at DePaul
National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity

Faculty Development Programs

Teaching Commons
New Faculty Orientation in Autumn Quarter and Wrap-up Session in Spring Quarter
5th Year Workshop on Tenure and Promotion Materials

Offices Providing Support for Teaching

Center for Teaching and Learning
University Library​
Quality of Instruction Council
The Steans Center for Community-based Service Learning
University Center for Writing-based Learning
Office of Students with Disabilities


Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Grants​
Office of Research Services
Database Search
Quality of Instruction Council ​​​​