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DePaul is a learning community whose vitality depends on the voluntary efforts of the faculty collaborating to promote the common good. All faculty members are expected to participate in the collective life of the university through fulfilling their individual service responsibilities.


Tenured and tenure-track faculty are expected to participate in service activities at the level of their home unit and beyond. The Faculty Handbook, particularly Chapter 3 (Evaluation of Faculty), provides more specific guidance about service expectations and how these expectations vary over the life of the faculty member.


Faculty service responsibilities can be satisfied through a wide-range of activities. Please consult the Faculty Handbook, particularly Chapter 3 (Evaluation of Faculty), for more specific guidance about the types of activities that DePaul classifies as faculty service.

Opportunity Levels

Service opportunities exist at the department, college, and university levels. Individual faculty members should consult with their chair and/or dean to discuss specific service opportunities, particularly those that exist at the department and college level. University-level service typically involves serving on University-level committees. More information on University-level committees can be found at Faculty Council's website or by contacting a member of the Committee on Committees.


Service activities can be funded in a number of ways, including awards and grants. For more information on DePaul's internal funding opportunities for service activities please visit the Public Service Council's website, which provides detailed information on its Excellence in Public Service awards, as well as on its grants for individual service learning and for departmental service learning.