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Faculty Exit Interviews

The DePaul Faculty Exit Interview process is designed to collect climate and other qualitative data from faculty as they separate from the university.

Although, some degree of turnover is to be expected as a result of retirements, personal circumstances, and career advancements, DePaul recognizes the importance of identifying environment and other workplace issues that may also contribute to turnover. 

The exit interview process will provide exiting faculty an opportunity to voice concerns and make suggestions, as well as an opportunity to highlight DePaul's areas of strength.  This information will enable Academic Affairs to identify trends and patterns to help inform the creation of retention strategies and initiatives.

Exiting faculty will be contacted by Academic Affairs and invited to complete an exit survey as well as sit for a one-on-one interview with an Associate Provost from Academic Affairs.  Faculty can choose to complete one or both components of the exit process.  The sit-down interview should take no more than one hour.

Questions regarding the faculty exit interview process can be sent to