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Classroom & Building Space

Office Space

All space is assigned and allocated on an as-needed basis with priority given to those functions or units that support the university's academic mission. To the extent that it is possible, the university provides full-time faculty and staff with private offices and part-time faculty and staff with shared office space.

Requests for additional space or reallocations of space should be directed to Academic Affairs. Requests from academic units need to be channeled through and endorsed by the respective area deans. Requests from non-academic units need to be channeled through and endorsed by the respective vice presidents. Final decisions rest with the Provost and the EVP for Operations.

Classroom Space

Academic Affairs handles the assignments of courses to classrooms at the Loop and Lincoln Park campuses. Requests for classrooms to host non-instructional or co-curricular events and requests for PC classrooms can be made here.

Lincoln Park Classroom Features

Loop Classroom F​eatures​

Chief of Staff/Senior Associate Vice President:
Alyssa Kupka
(312) 362-6585

Director of Academic Analytics and Scheduling:
Jonathan Kochan
(312) 362-6667

Classroom Scheduling:
Nikoleta Rigas
(312) 362-8829

PC Classroom and LPC Event Scheduling:
Alexandra Schneider
(312) 362-7533