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Rates and Policies

Room Rental Rates

Space Rate Per Day
Large Auditoriums
Schmitt Academic Center Room 154 – Capacity 224
Schmitt Academic Center Room 161 – Capacity 164
McGowan South Room 108 – Capacity 152
Small Auditoriums
Arts & Letters Hall Room 103 – Capacity 100
Schmitt Academic Center Room 254 – Capacity 100
McGowan South Room 104 – Capacity 95
McGowan South Room 105 – Capacity 95
Levan Hall Room 100 – Capacity 80
All Other Classrooms $110.00

Check Payable to:
DePaul University Conference Services
1 E. Jackson Blvd. Suite 8003
Chicago, IL 60604

Room Rental Charge Policy

DePaul University's Office of Academic Space and Scheduling groups organizations into three separate categories for purposes of determining room rental charges:

  • Recognized Student Organizations: Any student group formally recognized by the Office of Student Life, the Student Government Association, the Vice President for Student Affairs, University Ministry, Fraternities, Sororities, and groups which are not yet recognized but formally seeking recognition.
  • University Departments and Administrative Units: DePaul University faculty and staff organizations and administrative units (i.e., departments, centers, schools, committees, colleges and divisions) which regularly receive university-appropriated funding.
  • External Groups: Groups outside the University who do not receive university-appropriated funds and whose functions or activities may or may not involved affiliation with a University department or unit, are sponsored by the respective department, and utilize University resources and services.

Group A: Recognized Student Organizations

A. No Charge:

  1. For meetings or programs attended by the DePaul community in conducting the business or mission of the organization.
  2. For sponsoring recognized peer chapters of their organization from other higher mission education institutions which relate directly to the purpose or mission of the student organization.

B. Rates:

  1. Does not apply to recognized student organizations reserving space for external organizations since student organizations may not reserve space for external organizations.

Group B: University Departments and Administrative Units

C. No Charge:

  1. For meetings or programs open only to DePaul students, faculty, and/or staff in conducting the business or mission of the University.
  2. For workshops, conferences, symposia, seminars, or programs where there is no admission charge, that is open to departments or administrative units at other institutions and/or businesses when the subject matter relates directly to the purpose or mission of the sponsoring department, and the department is fully involved in sponsoring and producing the event.
    1. Sponsorship Definition: The sponsoring University Department and/or Administrative Unit vouches for or assumes responsibility for the action of the organization that they are sponsoring. This includes:
      1. Financial responsibility. The sponsoring organization is liable for all expenses billed to the organization using DePaul University spaces whether these expenses result from routine use and fees or from extraordinary circumstances or damage to DePaul facilities. The sponsor must provide a chartfield for billing.
      2. Program content responsibility. Programs should be in line with the educational mission of DePaul University and should benefit DePaul students and the University community.
      3. Event Planning and Production responsibility. The sponsoring University organization must assist with and take an active role in planning the event with the sponsored organization. This includes assuring that:
        1. Reservation deadlines are met in a timely manner.
        2. DePaul University Student Center facilities usage policies are adhered to (including those related to fire and safety regulations regarding room capacities and setup).
        3. Food and beverage policies are adhered to.
        4. Adequate staff from both the sponsored organization and the sponsoring University organization is on hand to supervise the event production.
        5. Time restrictions are enforced.
    2. Letter of Sponsorship: A student organization or University department wishing to sponsor a non-University group must submit, in writing, a letter of sponsorship to the Office of Academic Space and SCheduling, signed by the president of the sponsoring organization or by the department head. No reservation can be taken until this process is completed.

D. Rates:

  1. Will apply to departments and administrative units sponsoring workshops, conferences, symposia, seminars, or programs, when an admission fee is charged.
  2. Will apply to department and administrative units reserving space for external organizations offerings workshops, conferences, symposia, seminars, events or programs, where there is no sponsorship by the department whether or not admission is charged. Event space will be charged at the standard rate.

Group C: External Groups

No Charge: Not applicable.

Rates: Will apply to groups that request space regardless of whether or not they charge for an event, workshop, conference, symposium, seminar, or program.

Signed terms of Agreement and Insurance required.