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Interfolio is a faculty-focused technology suite that DePaul University uses to support faculty throughout their academic career: from hiring, to tenure, promotion, review, and beyond. Three discrete products provide faculty and administrative support to the academic lifecycle at DePaul.

Accessing Interfolio

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  • Faculty Activity

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    FAC180 supports faculty activity tracking and enables DePaul to make accurate faculty activity data available to authorized users. The system will support inquires for: accreditation; annual review; curriculum vitae generation; teaching; and research and discipline expertise.

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  • Review, Promotion and Tenure

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    RPT supports the tenure and promotion review process, from submission of dossier to final decision. Fully secure, it allows for customized reviewer roles and access levels, complying with university and unit guidelines. Going forward, this module can be expanded to support probationary reviews and annual performance reviews as DePaul matures in its use of the tool and integration with FAC180 becomes more fluid.

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  • Faculty Search

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    Search is a secure online applicant tracking and recruitment system for faculty hiring. It supports the collection, review and evaluation surrounding application materials and compliance.

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Questions about administrative access to Interfolio?

If you have questions about administrative access to one or more of the Interfolio tools (FAC180, RPT, or SEARCH), please contact

Learn more with DePaul’s Interfolio user guides

Faculty members can also contact the Interfolio Scholar Services Team for technical support at either or (877) 997-8807 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m to 6 p.m. EST.​