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Scholarship in many of its forms research, outreach, creative activities, pedagogical research — has been recognized as an important part of our academic mission to serve as an incubator for innovation, creativity, and discovery.  In support of scholarship, the University provides research grant programs, awards and resources for its students, staff, and faculty to pursue ground-breaking ideas in many disciplines.

Recognition Awards

According to the University's belief that the quest for knowledge is the foundation upon which the idea of a university rests, and the purpose that unites both teacher and student, the University gives annual Spirit of Inquiry awards.  These awards honor specific research, scholarly or creative achievements that exhibit commitment to that spirit of creative inquiry, which we endeavor to inspire in our students. 


Consistent with the University's mission, the Office of Research Services promotes, facilitate, and supports research, scholarship, teaching, and creative activities.  Through the University Research Council (URC), the University supports the faculty's research, scholarship, and creative activities through a range of competitive grants as well as the paid research leave program.  The Undergraduate Research Assistant Program provides support to the DePaul faculty in their pursuit of research, scholarship, and creative activities while creating valuable learning opportunities and paid research assistantships to undergraduates engaged in creative and scholarly activities.  Faculty can identify external funding opportunities by using various database search tools.


Scholarship is expected of all tenure-track and tenured faculty members and is conducted in an extraordinary range of interests at DePaul.  For university expectations toward scholarship, please consult the Faculty Handbook, particularly Chapter 3 (Evaluation of Faculty), for more specific guidance about the types of activities that DePaul classifies as faculty scholarship.  For departmental and College expectations toward scholarship, please contact your Department Head and your Dean's Office.

University Research Website

Our faculty and students work to find solutions and answers to a range of challenges and questions and to make a lasting impact.  Research at DePaul is happening in every discipline from music to biology to computing.  Fostering collaborative research opportunities across disciplines in not only a goal, but a way in which DePaul seeks to be innovative.  To learn more about research at DePaul, visit the University Research Website.