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University Research Council

The University Research Council (URC) supports the faculty's research, scholarship, and creative activities through a range of competitive grants, the paid leave program, and the Spirit of Inquiry Award.  In addition to helping faculty maintain their intellectual vitality, the grants and leaves are intended as a stepping stone for securing external funding. Faculty should consult with the Office of Research Services (ORS) for assistance with external funding resources. You can reach the URC by emailing

The URC conducts fall and spring grant competitions.  The fall proposal deadline is October 15th, and the spring deadline is March 15th.  URC paid leave proposals are due by December 15th.  The deadline for the Spirit of Inquiry Award nominations is May 1st. See the following web pages for details and instructions:

University Research Council (URC) Members

Rob Adler
The Theatre School
Blair Davis
College of Communication
John Dean
College of Science and Health
Kalyani Devaki MenonCollege of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Ning Du
Driehaus College of Business
Stephanie Mason Driehaus College of Business
Arieahn Matamonasa School of Continuing and Professional Studies x6-4364
Thomas Miller
School of Music
Enid Montague
Jarvis College of Computing and Digital Media x2-1027
Roxanne Owens
College of Education x5-4329
​Heather Quinn
Jarvis ​College of Computing and Digital Media
Joshua Sarnoff
College of Law
​Wayne Steger
​College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Paul Vadola College of Science and Health

Ex officio:

Daniela Stan Raicu Academic Affairs, URC Chair x2-7934
Cate Ekstrom Office of Research Services x2-5412