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URC Grant Programs

The following table provides an overview of the ten grant programs currently offered by the University Research Council.  For more details on these grant programs, including funding levels, see the:

After selecting a program, be sure to read the Council's proposal instructions before applying:

Please note that eligibility to submit proposals for these grants is limited to tenured and tenure-track faculty.  Term and part-time faculty may serve on the teams of Collaborative Research Grant projects.

Program Purpose
Collaborative Research Grant
Encourages teams of faculty from across academic units to engage in interdisciplinary investigations of research problems.  For this program, only the applicant must be tenured/tenure-track.
Competitive Course Release
Provides a course release to facilitate the preparation of one or more significant proposals for external funding.
Competitive Research Grant
Provides support for a well-defined research or creative project of up to 18 months.
Faculty Recognition Grant
Recognizes the work of senior faculty members who have a recent history of significant research or creative accomplishment; who are currently pursuing a promising line of inquiry or creative activity; and whose work supports DePaul's mission.
Global Engagement Grant
Supports the efforts of faculty to enhance their research through engagement with an international partner institution or faculty member.
NCFDD Faculty Success Scholarship
Supports participation in the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity's Faculty Success Program.
Provost's Collaborative Research Grant
Encourages teams of faculty members from across the academic units to engage in interdisciplinary investigations of research problems.  Cross-college collaboration is especially encouraged.
Research Conference Grant
Provides partial support for research-related conferences hosted by DePaul that are of a nature and quality to bring academic credit to the University.
Research Equipment Grant
Provides funding for the purchase or rental of equipment that enhances the research or creative efforts of tenured and tenure-track DePaul faculty members.

Summer Research Grant

Provides support for faculty summer research or create projects, especially those that engage students as research assistants.