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Faculty Resources

Adjunct Resources

The university recognizes the many ways adjunct faculty enrich academic life at DePaul and offers services and benefits to support them in their role as members of a faculty that is second to none.


While DePaul remains primarily a teaching institution, scholarship in many of its forms—research, creative activities, outreach—has been recognized as an important part of academic citizenship and as such is benefitting from increased attention and resources. Scholarship is expected of all tenure-track faculty and is conducted in an extraordinary range of interests at DePaul.


DePaul is a learning community whose vitality depends on the voluntary efforts of the faculty collaborating to promote the common good. All faculty members are expected to participate in the collective life of the university through fulfilling their individual service responsibilities.


As a university whose first priority is teaching, DePaul offers a variety of resources to support the classroom and online experience, and to help faculty remain up-to-date with best practices so as to continually improve their craft.

Working at DePaul

Working at DePaul University as a faculty member can be viewed through two different lenses—as a member of the academy and as an employee of the university. Resources addressing each of those two views are offered.​