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Funded Diversity and Inclusion Initiative Grants

Below is a list of awards that have been made through this program.​

​Chris Anthony
​The Watsons Project
​Pete Biagi
​Intimacy Coordinator Workshop
​Chuck Chandler
​Underrepresented Voices in Opera: Shaping the Future
​Joseph Chen
​Adult Students: The Invisible Diversity
​Mark Dike DeLancey
​Arts Council of the African Studies Association (ACASA) 18th Triennial Symposium
​Anna Frank
​Enhancing Diversity Advocacy Capacity: Attending the 2020 National Conference on Race and Ethnicity, NCORE
​Bill Johnson Gonzalez
​Migrating to Prison: Abolishing Immigration Detention Centers.  Symposium: Young Adult Latinx Literature
​Robin Hoecker
​Students of Color Access to journalist Organizations
​Li Jin
​Red Altar: The Untold American Tale of a Chinese Fishing Village
​Christie Klimas
​How's the Climate of Our Environmental Science Department? A Series of Listening and Solution-focused Brainstorming Sessions to Guide our Departmental Efforts on Diversity and Inclusion
​Jin Li
​Global Asian Studies Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Luncheon: The Rising Voices of Asian-Americans in the U.S
​Jeffrey Mills
​Greece Summer Acting Intensive Diversity and Inclusion Initiative
​Nicole Ricciardi
​Hunter Heartbeat Lecture/Workshop at DePaul
​Ann Russo
​A Community Tribute to Tony Morrison
​Bernadette Sanchez
​Faculty of Color Luncheon
​David Sher
​CSH Climate Survey Design
​Nur Uysal
​A Missed Opportunity? Connecting Diversity and Inclusion with Corporate Social Responsibility
​Alyssa Westring
​Conversations about Race in the Workplace
​Dolores Wilbur
​Histories of Design Diversity Learning Community and Course Enhancement Inclusion Initiative