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Funding Search Tools

The GrantForward and Pivot databases are comprehensive search engines that are available to DePaul faculty and staff through subscriptions paid by the university. Both databases require faculty/staff set-up an account while on campus at DePaul. 

If you have difficulty accessing these subscriptions from a computer within DePaul's domain, please contact ORS for assistance ( x2-7388). is a search engine available in the public domain and should not require account set-up to access. Additional agency-specific information can be found on the Agency Quick links page​.


GrantForward, formerly Illinois Researcher Information Service (IRIS), is a pre-award funding search engine of grant opportunities spread across 39 subject areas and 2009 categories. It is an expansive database of sponsors comprising foundations, federal agencies, and other institutions. Users can search for funding in the Arts, Education, Humanities, Social Sciences, Business, Computer Sciences, Technology, Physical Sciences, Law and much more. Users can also set up alerts and get opportunities delivered straight to their inbox when they create an individual account within the system. The GrantForward Database is updated daily.

A quick new user guide can be found here.

Pivot - Temporarily Suspended

Pivot (formerly Community of Science) is a search engine that allows the user to connect to both grant opportunities and the academic community. It combines a comprehensive, editorially maintained database of funding opportunities worth an estimated $33 billion with a database of 3 million pre-populated scholar profiles, drawing from Community of Scholars and Community of Science profiles. This allows users to search for a funding opportunity and instantly view matching faculty from inside or outside of DePaul. Pivot also has the ability to identify and connect funding opportunities to researchers at their institution by allowing users to save searches, organize groups of searches into folders, and receive weekly alerts on new funding opportunities and new deadlines when they create an individual account.

Pivot Training Videos is a searchable database of federal funding initiatives. stores information on more than 1,000 grant programs and provides access to approximately $500 billion in annual awards. The site offers a variety of search options and subscription services, which allow you to tailor your search and receive updates on programs of interest to you.