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​​​​The Office of Research Services (ORS) is comprised of three main areas: Pre-Award and Research Development Services, Award Management and Compliance, and Research Protections. These areas are linked through common goals and values such as promoting, facilitating, and supporting research, scholarship, teaching, creative activities, and innovation endeavors that are conducted by DePaul University faculty, students, and staff. The organizational chart outlines the structure and interconnection of these three main branches of ORS.

Daniela Stan Raicu
Associate Provost for Research
(312) 362-7934

Maria del Carmen Ramirez
Administrative Assistant
(312) 362-6590

Research and Innovation

Lauren Miller
Chief of Staff & Director of Research and Innovation Strategies
(312) 362-7595

Award Management

Jyrell Keys
Director of Award Management 

Amy Dauernheim
Senior Grant & Contract Specialist

Claire Trinkle
Grant & Contracts Specialist

Grant Writing 

Sarah Weisz
Grant Writer

Pre-Award Services

Lauren Miller

Chief of Staff & Director of Research and Innovation Strategies
Interim Director of Pre-Award Services
(312) 362-7595

Ian Price
Grant & Contracts Specialist

Director of Research Development and Pre-Award Services
(312) 362-5412

Sr. Grant & Contracts Specialist
(312) 362-7079

Research Protections

Jessica Bloom
Director of Research Compliance
(312) 362-6168

Eduardo Mendoza
Assistant Director of Research Compliance
(312) 362-7497

Melodie Fox
Research Protections Coordinator