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Grant Writing

​ORS offers grant writing support for the narrative portions of proposals to federal agencies and other governmental funders, with a special focus on projects that are multidisciplinary in nature or that involve partnerships between DePaul and other institutions. We directly support faculty to succeed in their efforts to acquire funding, and also work with Dean's Offices and other leaders to develop innovative program and proposal ideas, identify faculty for research initiatives, and offer targeted training.​​

Already have a project idea or a funding opportunity in m​ind? The Grant Writer can:
  • Edit part or all of a narrative before submission.
  • Help you revise a proposal that was not successful to prepare for resubmission.
  • Help you think through your project idea and decide how to structure your narrative.
  • Draft select sections of your narrative.
  • Provide project management for larger submissions, including hosting regular check-in meetings, coordinating letters of support and collaboration, and facilitating additional documents for the submission.

Interested in learning more about grant writing generally? The Grant Writer offers  trainings, lunch-and-learn sessions, and other events to support general faculty learning around the grant writing process. Check the ORS News & Events page​ for upcoming training sessions, or reach out directly to request assistance.

Interested in grant writing support?
Contact Sarah Weisz: