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Public Service Council

The Public Service Council (PSC) supports meaningful and reciprocal community engagement between DePaul faculty and their community partners.  This support is provided through a range of competitive grands and the Excellence in Public Service Award.  In addition to enhancing instruction, the grants and leaves are are intended as a a stepping stone for securing external funding.  Faculty should consult with the Office of Research Services (ORS) for assistance with external funding resources.  You can reach the PSC by emailing

The PSC conducts fall and spring grant competitions.  The fall proposal deadline is October 15th and the spring deadline is March 15th.  The deadline for Excellence in Public Service Award nominations is May 1st.  See the following web pages for details and instructions:

Public Service Council Members

​Nezih Altay
​Driehaus College of Business
Hugh Bartling
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Leah Bryant
College of Communication
Jessica Pamment
College of Science and Health
​Fereshteh Ghahramani
​Jarvis College of Computing and Digital Media
Marty Martin
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Allen Moye College of Law x2-6893
​John Schlichtman
​College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Jason Schneider
​College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
​Ann Setzer
​School of Music
​​Rebecca Michel
​College of Education

Ex officio:

Daniela Stan Raicu
Academic Affairs, PSC Chair x2-7934​
Howard Rosing
Irwin W. Steans Center
​​Lauren Miller
​Office of Research Services