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Public Service Council

The Public Service Council (PSC) assists faculty in incorporating meaningful public service and service learning into their coursework. The council currently supports grant programs for instruction and research as well as a series of annual faculty awards for service. Inquiries may be directed to

The PSC furthers the mission of DePaul by broadening the opportunities for students, faculty and staff to apply their specialized expertise in ways that will contribute to the social, economic, cultural and ethical quality of life in the Chicago metropolitan area, especially in low-income underserved communities. Public service is understood as activities that carry resources from the university into the community. The Public Service Council seeks to promote projects that provide service learning experiences that benefit both the student and the community.

Service learning benefits both the student and the community. This reciprocal relation differentiates service learning from experiential learning. Experiential learning brings the student out of the classroom and into the community, but the benefits of experiential learning are focused on the student rather than the student and the community. Experiential learning projects are valuable and should be expanded, but the proper source of DePaul support for these projects is the Quality of Instruction Council.

Public Service Council Programs

Public Service Council Members

Barbara Bressler Law x2-8299
Lisa Dush Writing, Rhetoric & Discourse x5-4069
Leah Bryant Communication x2-7948
Jaclyn Jensen Management x2-6852
Winifred Curran Geography x5-7873
Tim Peternel Computing & Digital Media x2-6479
Marty Martin Driehaus College of Business x5-6270
Deanna Aliosius The Theatre School x2-7964
Caroline Kisiel School of Continuing and Professional Studies x2-8979

Ex officio:

Lawrence Hamer Academic Affairs, URC Chair x2-7230
Howard Rosing Community-based Service Learning x5-7463