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Excellence in Public Service Awards


DePaul's specific commitment to service is a distinctive characteristic of the university. Our mission affirms that the university "encourages faculty... to apply specialized expertise in ways that contribute to the social, economic, cultural and ethical quality of life" in our global community. The purpose of this award is to honor the meaningful and significant contributions of our faculty during their time at DePaul to the communities in which they are involved. As a community, we benefit from the efforts of our members, and this award is our way of showing gratitude, appreciation and support for the gifts of our faculty.

In accordance with the purpose of this award, faculty members are reminded that service in all of its forms is valuable within our community. The award shall be made for the purpose of honoring the contributions of some of those within our community who may serve as models for others.

Public service is understood as activities that carry resources from the university into the community. Such resources might be the time and talent of people (faculty and students), materials, programs and the like. This service is distinct from the service that faculty perform as faculty members, i.e., serving on committees, undertaking departmental projects, and professional activities.

Examples of service may include, but are not limited to, activities that benefit either the DePaul community or another community, such as:

  • Donating time over a period of years;
  • Management advice and/or hands-on service to a nonprofit agency or person in need;
  • Creative activities (such as performance of a concert);
  • Technical activities (such as offering pro bono legal counsel);
  • Services related to a faculty member's professional expertise (such as tutoring);
  • Services in a field outside of a faculty member's scholarly pursuits (such as coaching an athletic team).
Each award will be announced at Convocation each autumn following the nomination and includes the following items:
  • An honorarium of $1,500 (pre-tax), available no sooner than July 1st of the year the award is made;
  • An inscribed plaque; and
  • Acknowledgement in University publications.


The Excellence in Public Service Award shall be given to up to four faculty members throughout the university.  All full-time faculty members are eligible.

Criteria for Selection

The Excellence in Public Service Award shall be given to up to four faculty members throughout the university. All full-time faculty members are eligible. 

The Public Service Council will evaluate each nomination according tot he following review criteria:

  • The extent to which the service contributes to DePaul's mission;
  • The significance of the impact of the service on the lives of those served (the beneficiaries of the service); and
  • The faculty member's personal investment.
Weight will be given to activities that benefit those outside the DePaul community.

Criteria for Selection

The nomination package must be submitted electronically (via e-email at and be received by the Council Chair by May 1st.

Deans, faculty and staff can nominate faculty for the award. They should submit a letter describing the service activities of the nominee and why the nominee is deserving of the award.

Additional information required from the nominee includes:

  • Name of service organization(s) with which the nominee works;
  • Contact person at the service organization(s);
  • Duration and frequency of service;
  • Compensation, if any;
  • Number of other individuals performing similar services for the organization(s); and
  • Narrative paragraphs addressing each of the three review criteria described above.

Nominations should include letters of support from individuals familiar with the nominee's service activities and should include at least one letter from an organization served by the nominee.


  • May 1st: Faculty members' nominations are received electronically (via e-mail at by the Chair of PSC, including all supporting materials.
  • May25th: Award Notifications
  • September: Awardees are honored at Convocation.