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PSC Grant Programs

The following table provides an overview of the five grant programs currently offered by the Public Service Council.  For more details on these grant programs, including funding levels, see the:

After selecting a program, be sure to read and follow the Council's proposal instructions before applying:

Please note that eligibility to submit a proposal for one of the following grants in this guide is limited to tenured and tenure-track faculty.  Proposals to the Community-Engaged Teaching Grant (Collaborative) may include term faculty in a team led by a tenured or tenure-track faculty member.

Program Purpose
Applied Academic Expertise Grant
Supports faculty members' efforts to expand DePaul's mission of service to the community by using their academic expertise to the benefit of non-academic community partners.
Community-Engaged Teaching Grant (Individual)
Supports faculty in the incorporation of community-engaged pedagogy into their teaching and courses.
Community-Engaged Teaching Grant (Collaborative)
Supports collaboration between two or more DePaul faculty, from the same or different academic units, to incorporate meaningful community-engaged pedagogy into and across curriculum, including new cross-unit courses and departmental implementation of community-engaged curriculum.
Community-Engaged Research Grant
Supports faculty in the development and implementation of research projects collaboratively designed and executed with community partners or in the conducting of research on the impact of community-engaged pedagogy on students, faculty, or community partners.
Global Engagement Grant
Supports faculty efforts to enhance their public service through engagement with an international partner institution or faculty member.