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Making Informed Decisions on Adjunct Faculty Union Organizing

This website provides information about union organizing efforts at DePaul and unionization generally. We respect the rights of faculty to make a fully informed decision on whether a union is right for them based on the facts, and this website was created for that purpose. We encourage you to explore this website and stay engaged by using the “Submit Your Questions” and “Sign Up for Updates” features.

Thank you for visiting. We look forward to continuing a direct dialogue with you—listening, reflecting, sharing viewpoints and making positive change.

DePaul’s Philosophy on Unionization

Consistent with its values, DePaul supports religious freedom, Catholic social teaching on workers’ rights and the right of faculty to have their voice heard. DePaul is not anti-union. Read more.

Messages from DePaul

Read previous email communications from the administration regarding the adjunct faculty union organizing campaign at DePaul. Click here.

Get the Facts

Our fact sheets clarify common union misconceptions and address topics such as union dues, your rights, and the potential impact of a union on your voice at DePaul. Click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to questions about your rights in a union organizing campaign; the SEIU and AFT; union authorization cards; what you could expect from being represented by a union; teaching and working at DePaul; and the relationship between unionization and Catholic social teaching, religious freedom, and DePaul’s philosophy. Click here.

Recent Labor Contracts and Union Information

Review and compare union contracts at other schools, including several in the Chicago area, and get information about the SEIU and AFT. Click here.

Submit Your Questions

Have a question? Ask us, and we’ll respond quickly. Click here.

Dues Calculator

Want to know what you could expect to pay in dues if represented by the SEIU? Simply enter the gross pay you expect to earn in a year from DePaul and let our calculator do the math. Calculate.

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