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Voluntary Resignation

Under their own initiative, student employees may voluntarily choose to end their employment with DePaul. Here are the steps that should be completed by student employees and managers during a voluntary resignation.

Student employees should notify managers of their intent to resign. It is recommended that student employees complete and submit a letter of resignation and identify the last active day of employment.
Managers must submit the online termination request immediately through Manager Self-Service in Campus Connect to ensure access removal to DePaul buildings and systems.

How to Submit an Online Termination Request

  1. Log in to Campus Connect
  2. Navigate to the Terminate Employee link. 
    Main Menu > Manager Self Service > Job and Personal Information > Terminate Employee
  3. Select the Termination Effective Date in the As of Date field. Tip: The As Of Date is the first day following the last day an employee worked. There is an effective date restriction of 1 pay period in the past.
  4. Click the Select button before the employee's name that is terminating.
  5. Select a Reason for Termination from the dropdown menu.
  6. Add Termination Documentation (e.g. resignation letter)
  7. Click Submit.
  8. Click OK.

Note: The termination will not take effect until HR Central has approved the request upon email notification.

​​Involuntary Termination

Involuntary terminations may also occur, which is when management makes the decision to release student employees from their job responsibilities. In such situations, Sarah Carbone, associate director of the Office of Student Employment, must be consulted prior to the termination. This consultation will determine if appropriate and documented progressive discipline procedures have been applied. For student employees not subject to progressive discipline—such as employees within the six-month introductory period—this consultation will be reserved to discuss and review unsatisfactory progress and ensure university procedures are followed. This should be done immediately to ensure access removal to DePaul buildings and systems.

Terminations Upon Graduation

Managers are responsible for terminating student employees upon graduation. Failure to terminate a student upon graduation will result in an OSE notification and manual termination. ​​​​