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Office of Student Employment Position Classifications

​​DePaul Employee Type
Definitions1 Payment Options2 Examples of Positions on Campus
Student Service Employee Current student of DePaul, either graduate or undergraduate
(including Federal Work Study candidates),
engaged in a part-time employment capacity.
These individuals perform duties that fall within the University's Ladder of Employment.
Hourly wage - Ladder Level A: Receptionist, Student Assistant I
- Ladder Level B: Library Assistant, Data Entry Clerk
- Ladder Level C: Lifeguard, Graphic Designer
- Ladder Level D: Student Manager, Data Analyst
Resident Assistant Current student of DePaul, either undergraduate or graduate,
serving as a live-in residence hall assistant or dormitory counselor.
Housing allowance
Meal plan
- Residential Advisor
- Facility Assistant
- Resident Hall Graduate Assistant
Graduate Assistantship (teaching or research) Current graduate student at DePaul awarded their assistantship by the department or college,
who participates in supervised teaching or research in the course of obtaining a graduate degree in the same field from DePaul.
Stipend AND Tuition waiver (both required) - CDM Graduate Assistant
- College of Communication Graduate Assistant
- Center for Latino Research Graduate Assistant
Teaching Fellow Current student of DePaul pursuing a PhD or other terminal degree
teaching one or more courses for their department related to their degree program.
Stipend based on # of courses taught per quarter - CDM Teaching Fellow
Philosophy Teaching Fellow
- Psychology Teaching Fellow
Internship - DePaul Student3​ Current student of DePaul, either graduate or undergraduate, engaged in a closely supervised,
out-of- classroom experience providing the student with career-related learning and training.
May be used to receive credit for academic internship course (i.e.. CLD 250, 350).
(OSE approval required prior to onset of internship)
- Any position graded as C or D on Campus Job Board (with OSE approval)
- College of Law Assistant
- College of Education Counseling Graduate Intern
Student Mentor (or Extracurricular Participant) Current student of DePaul, either undergraduate or graduate,
participating in a program or activity that is generally recognized as extracurricular.
Stipend (OSE approval required prior to onset of payment)
One-time Payment
- Chicago Quarter Mentor
- DePaulia Writer
- STARS Peer Mentor
- Writing Center Writing Tutor

Hourly Wage: A wage that pays at least the mandated federal and state minimum wage amount, and is paid in accordance with all the requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and its regulation, including overtime provisions (time and a half) when employee works over 40 hours in a single work week.
Stipend: Fixed dollar amount that is typically paid over two or more pay periods. Amount is not contingent upon, or linked to, hours worked. Stipends are not an approximation of wages and are typically relatively nominal.
One-time Payment: Single payment for an effort that was one-time in nature and no continued relationship is expected, OR a payment that is discretionary in nature. It is NOT appropriate to use this payment type for missed hourly wages or as a method for "catching up" an employee with pay. One-time payments may only be made to an active student employee.
Tuition Waiver: Amount of tuition assistance provided to assist in a student’s educational studies at DePaul. Tuition waivers, awarded by academic units, are utilized for teaching activities and may be awarded for some research activities provided to the university.

1Unless otherwise noted, all student employment positions at DePaul are subject to the same policies and rules as a Student Service Employee. This includes enrollment requirements and work hour limitations. Please refer to the applicable policies ( for further clarification.

2In order to use any payment type other than an hourly wage, a Student Employment position must meet all the relevant criteria and requirements established by the Department of Labor and receive the approval of the Office of Student Employment.

3 For more information regarding internships at DePaul as well as DOL guidelines, please visit the Career & Life Experiences Courses page​.

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