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Hiring Student Employees

Learn how to hire a student employee for your department or office

Over 3,500 DePaul students work at the university each year. Our student employees form the backbone of many departments and offices at DePaul, as they play integral roles that shape overall operations.

Working on campus provides students with an opportunity to earn an income to help defray educational costs as well as build the knowledge, skills and abilities they need to succeed in their desired career. Student employees also have the opportunity to form stronger connections to DePaul, a connection that has been proven to increase retention.

  1. Create a job description. A template is available in the Campus Job Board. And post the job on the Campus Job Board. Once the job is approved and live, you will receive an email.
  2. Review applicants and sort by categories: best qualified, qualified and not qualified. If you'd like to temporarily stop accepting applications, you can do so by putting your job posting on hold by clicking on the Hold icon when you are logged into the system. Students will then be unable to view and apply for the job.
  3. Interview the students you categorized as best qualified, and make a selection.
  4. Extend an offer and agree on a start date. Follow–up with applicants not selected for the position, thanking them for applying and letting them know the position is now closed.
  5. Once an offer has been accepted, inform the student of I-9 acceptable documents.
  6. A Student Employment Action Form (SEAF) is needed for all student employment actions including: new hires, salary changes and position number transfers. Information needed on the SEAF includes contact information for the student and manager, effective date of employment (including training/orientation), position number, department ID, hourly wage and department approval. For questions regarding this process, please contact your budget manager or department assistant. Please note, the SEAF is not available electronically.  Visit DPC 9500 or SAC 192 to pick up the form.

Please Note: Student employees at DePaul have the same rights and responsibilities as any other employee.

The Office of Student Employment partnered with Human Resources, Academic Affairs, the Office of the General Counsel and various administrative and college offices to update and more succinctly define different student employee positions. While working with these areas, we’ve identified certain needs; such as ensuring how student positions are titled and paid aligns with federal laws and regulations as well as the need to move typical student payments online.

Click here to view our student employee classifications.

As a manager of student employees, you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that the hours your students work are submitted and approved. Hours are submitted through Campus Connection. Please see OSE's Compensation Scale for suggested hourly rates. 

Students are exempt from paying FICA taxes provided they are enrolled at least half-time or a minimum of six quarter hours (four for graduate students) or six semester hours and working part–time. Student employees are responsible for maintaining the necessary enrollment hours.