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As required by Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, DePaul University prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in its education programming and activities. For information on how to file a Title IX complaint for sexual violence, sexual harassment, or other sex discrimination, please visit here.

Report Sexual and Relationship Violence, Discrimination or Harrassment

DePaul is committed to offering a secure and supportive environment for individuals who report incidents of sexual and relationship violence to receive resources and consider all available options.

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Student Conduct Process

The Student Conduct Process is the mechanism by which students are held accountable for violating DePaul’s Sexual & Relationship Violence Prevention and Response Policy and/or other University policies. 

The University Conduct Board and DOS conduct hearing officers are trained annually on sexual and relationship violence, consent, rape trauma syndrome, myths and facts, avoiding victim blaming questions, and resources available on- and off-campus. In addition, a group of faculty and staff are trained in a similar manner to serve as advisors to students taking part in the Student Conduct Process. Students are offered, but not required, to have these advisors serve as support people with them throughout the entire conduct process. 

For more information on the Student Conduct Process or information on how to file a report, please use this link. The contact information for the Dean of Students Office can be found here.