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    • Guided by DePaul University's Catholic, Vincentian mission, the Office of Health Promotion & Wellness (HPW) and departments across the university offer a wide range of year-round services and programs to support survivors and provide education around sexual violence, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, consent, healthy relationships and bystander intervention. 

      Support and education is provided to the entire DePaul community - students, staff and faculty. The work is made possible through close collaborations between campus departments, student organizations, student leaders, students, community agencies and local law enforcement.

      Please see below for a representative list of programs and services offered at DePaul University.

    • Program Request

      Students, faculty or staff can submit requests for HPW to provide health related programming to their audience in class or at events.

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    • The Consent: Don't Make a Move Without It initiative is aimed at reducing rates of sexual assault through highlighting healthy sexual relationships and the importance creating a culture of consent. 

      During Consent: Don't Make a Move Without It tabling events, students are provided with the opportunity to reflect on and share the ways they ask for consent in the moment. We believe that consent is not only mandatory but that communication can be sexy. So think about it, what do YOU do to get consent before making a move?

      Survivor Support Advocates within HPW provide confidential and holistic support to survivors of sexual violence, relationship violence and stalking. The Advocates provide the following:

      • Emotional care and support
      • Information about counseling, medical resources, Chicago Police and DePaul Public Safety Office reporting processes, legal advocacy, academic accommodations, DePaul's Student Conduct Process and safety planning
      • Referrals and help with navigating appropriate on- and off-campus resources

      Survivor Support Advocates, including the Sexual Health and Violence Prevention Specialist, can be reached at 773.325.7129 or hpw@depaul.edu. Students may also drop-in Lincoln Park Student Center room 307 for support. Every effort is made to meet with students that drop-in, but immediate availability cannot be guaranteed.

      Created in mid-2013 under the guidance of the Office of the General Counsel, this cross-functional working group includes faculty, staff and student representatives from HPW, Public Safety, Athletics, Human Resources, Dean of Students, Institutional Diversity and Equity, Compliance and Risk Management, University Marketing and Communications, Academic Affairs, Faculty Council, Staff Council, Student Government, etc. The Working Group reviews DePaul's efforts with respect to preventing and responding to sexual and relationship violence, reviews best practices, supports policy development and improvement, and assists with program development and implementation.

      All first year students and their parents participate in programming on sexual and relationship violence during orientation. This includes gaining an understanding of prevalence, definitions, policies, safety tips, available resources, consent and bystander intervention. All new student orientation folders also include a letter encouraging dialogue between family members and students about making responsible choices and the importance of seeking clear consent. Family members are provided talking points to initiate discussion with their students to help them gain clarity around what clear consent should look like prior to any sexual contact. If you have any comments or feedback please contact us at hpw@depaul.edu.

      As part of their Chicago Quarter courses (Discover and Explore Chicago), all first year students are required to participate in a Common Hour, which includes curriculum on sexual violence, consent and bystander intervention. If you have any comments or feedback, please contact us at hpw@depaul.edu.

      Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates is an online educational module that addresses sexual violence, relationship violence, stalking and bystander intervention. All incoming students are expected to take this online module as part of their Discover or Explore Chicago curriculum.

      Workshops ranging from 45 minutes to 2 hours are presented to small and large groups of students, staff or faculty. They cover a range of topics related to sexual violence, relationship violence, stalking, consent, healthy relationships, bystander intervention (more details below), how to support a survivor, reporting protocols, safer sex, etc. Workshops can be tailored to meet the particular needs of the audience. Request a workshop here.

      Year-round events around issues related to sexual health and violence prevention are implemented in close collaboration with numerous on- and off-campus partners. Events are participatory in nature and are offered on both campuses, including in residence halls. Some of our annual, university-wide signature events include Sexual Assault Awareness Month (more details below), One Billion Rising, and the DePaul Annual Linen Drive to mark Domestic Violence Awareness Month. If you are interested in collaborating with HPW to host an event, please contact us at hpw@depaul.edu.

      The month of April is designated as SAAM in the U.S. in order to raise public awareness about sexual violence and to educate communities on prevention efforts. HPW organizes and coordinates educational and awareness-building events for the DePaul community in collaboration with numerous campus departments, student organizations, student leaders, and community agencies. 

      Several signature programs are planned during SAAM, and they aim to build understanding on the prevalence of sexual violence on college campuses, consent, rape culture, healthy relationships, safety tips, resources available on- and off-campus, as well as how to effectively respond to and support a survivor. The entire DePaul community is invited to attend any of the programs – students, staff and faculty. 

      If you would like to bring an event to SAAM, please contact us at hpw@depaul.edu.

      Groups such as Public Safety officers, Residential Education staff, Dean of Students Office staff, University Conduct Board members and Advisors, and campus-wide student leaders and athletes receive yearly trainings on sexual violence, consent, relationship violence, stalking, bystander intervention, how to support survivors, reporting protocol, on- and off-campus resources and DePaul's policies and expectations.

      In 2014, the Office of Institutional Compliance partnered with HPW to add a module on sexual and relationship violence prevention, survivor support, and bystander intervention into the annual General Compliance Training, which is a training required of all DePaul employees.

      The One Love Foundation is committed to ending relationship abuse by educating, empowering and activating young people in a movement for change. The Escalation Workshop is the catalyst for this movement. In a 90 minute workshop that consists of a 40 minute film followed by a 40 minute guided discussion, students will understand the warning signs of abuse and continue to promote healthy relationships. The workshop concludes with a 10 minute activation piece directed by students who want to start the conversations in their own community by getting involved. Future facilitators of the Escalation Workshops may consist of faculty, staff or students, but this peer-to-peer model allows for students to engage with one another in a conversation relevant to each campus' unique culture. Facilitators must be trained by a One Love team member for a two-hour facilitator training in order to lead a workshop on campus. Typically, groups that attend the workshop should be 25 people or less to provide a close environment for meaningful conversations. Groups can be single sex or co-ed groups, but it's recommended that co-ed groups attend the workshop already having known each other. For more information about One Love Foundation check out their website at http://www.joinonelove.org/.

      The Office of Health Promotion and Wellness staff and Health Education Action Team are trained as Escalation Workshop facilitators and can present the workshop to you and your students or team by request. Please email us at hpw@depaul.edu to schedule a workshop with at least 2 weeks' notice.

      The Vinny Vow: A Bystander Intervention Training is a 3-hour workshop that empowers and equips participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively assist in the prevention of sexual and relationship violence. To join the Vinny Vow Movement email the Office of Health Promotion and Wellness at hpw@depaul.edu. The Vinny Vow was featured in this episode of Good Day Depaul.