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Health Insurance

​Last Updated: May 9, 2024

DePaul will offer a student health insurance plan starting in the fall quarter of the 2024-2025 academic year. We currently do not offer a student health insurance plan, but we encourage students to explore their options in the Healthcare Marketplace and work with local community organizations to provide support. If you need health insurance immediately, please email studentinsurance@depaul.edu.

Preparing for 2024-2025 

DePaul University’s commitment to supporting students’ academic success and wellbeing is ongoing, and we continually explore ways to address evolving needs. Beginning in the 2024-2025 academic year, DePaul will offer all degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students access to a comprehensive and competitive health insurance plan. 

The Academic HealthPlans (AHP) website for the DePaul Student Health Insurance Plan has information about plan benefits, rates, providers, waiver criteria, and more.

Visit the AHP website

During Spring Quarter 2024, ​AHP is hosting information sessions that students may register for about the health insurance plan and website. If you were unable to attend a session, watch the May 8 video recording​.

Additional details about the plan will be released accordingly via studentinsurance@depaul.eduAll degree-seeking students at DePaul who expect to be enrolled in the 2024-2025 academic year, should pay close attention to emails from this account. Or, students may visit the Designing DePaul Student Health Insurance webpage for updates and announcements. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, starting in Fall 2024, all degree-seeking students (part-time and full-time, undergraduate and graduate, and international) will be required to have active health coverage.

No, you do not have to be covered by the Student Health Insurance Plan, but you are required to have health insurance.

Students who already have active coverage—such as an individual plan or through a parent’s or guardian’s plan—will be able to opt out of DePaul’s Student Health Insurance Plan with proof of active insurance. Information on plans that qualify for a waiver is on the AHP website

Students may submit a waiver between May 15, 2024 and September 20, 2024 to opt out of the DePaul Student Health Insurance Plan. Students will receive an email from studentinsurance@depaul.edu with waiver instructions, which are also posted on the AHP health insurance website

A list of the requirements for student insurance plans is located on the AHP health insurance website. A list of acceptable international student health plans that qualify for a waiver is on the AHP health insurance website for DePaul students. The waiver process will be handled by insurance specialists at AHP. For assistance, email studentinsurance@depaul.edu with questions. 

The ISO plan currently offered by DePaul will not be available once DePaul’s Student Health Insurance Plan is active. 

Yes, you are eligible for the Student Insurance plan at DePaul. Coverage will be available to all degree-seeking students regardless of immigration status, place of residence, country of origin or past medical history.

As students register for Fall Quarter 2024, DePaul will load all degree-seeking students into the Student Health Insurance Plan portal. Once a student has a schedule for fall classes, their information will already be in the portal where they can indicate their need for the DePaul Student Insurance Plan or their need to waive the plan.

The Student Health Insurance Plan is reasonably priced at $800.00 per quarter for three quarters ($1,200.00 per semester for law students). It provides coverage comparable to other premium insurance plans on the market.

DePaul has included the cost of insurance into their Personal Cost of Attendance calculations and will show up on the tuition bill as an added fee. Financial aid funds can be used to pay for this insurance, although an automatic increase in aid will not take place, since not all students are utilizing this service. For information on the cost of attendance, please visit the Cost of Attendance webpage. Parent loans, private loans, or grad plus loans may also be an option. In addition, DePaul has a free, no interest payment plan option for students to use as needed. Details can be found on the Payment Plans webpage. Contact DePaul Central for more information.

Details about medical coverage for students can be found on the AHP health insurance website for DePaul students. Vision and dental are not included in the plan, but optional vision and dental plans will be available for an additional fee paid directly to AHP.

No. If a student has a dependent or family and is seeking health insurance coverage for them, please contact studentinsurance@depaul.edu about other resources.

Your insurance plan may be effective through the academic quarter/semester, but not beyond that timeframe. It also depends on the withdrawal date. Any student in this situation should email studentinsurance@depaul.edu to learn more. 

It may be effective through the end of the academic quarter/semester in which the student graduates, as long as they are enrolled. Students may contact studentinsurance@depaul.edu for further information.

Yes. The student health insurance premium charge will be reflected in your tuition bill on Campus Connect. If you secure a waiver by the deadline, this charge will be removed from your bill. 

Only students who live in on-campus housing at DePaul University, including University Center in the Loop, can visit DePaul’s Student Health Clinic for assistance with their basic health care needs. 

Yes, all degree-seeking students, including Student Athletes will be required to have active health coverage beginning in the 2024-2025 academic year. It is recommended that student athletes complete these processes before arriving on campus during the summer and taking part in team activities.

Yes, students have the ability to begin insurance coverage as early as August 1, 2024, for an additional charge.