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Research Lab Program Details

Two students in research lab

The Access and Attainment Research (AAR) Lab provides co-curricular educational internships where students receive transformative research training to introduce them to academic research methods and practice. Through this experience, participants b​ecome aware of research possibilities on campus and learn how to become competitive for acceptance into research projects in faculty labs. This experience improves the likelihood of participants starting on their research and career interest earlier in their college transition.

The AAR Lab is designed to:

  1. increase students’ knowledge of basic research methodologies and techniques;
  2. build fundamental skills in data analysis and interpretation;
  3. develop critical thinking skills for designing, reading and evaluating academic literature;
  4. offer a forum to engage in productive dialogue about students’ research interests;
  5. help first-year and TRiO eligible students develop skills that will prepare them for future college research and internship positions. 

Additionally, the AAR Lab builds a culture of academic engagement and collaboration as students participate in scholarly activities under the supervision of research coordinators, faculty mentors, graduate students and senior McNair participants. These objectives are also aimed to help historically underrepresented students to develop relationships and talents to successfully navigate their college transition.


Training internship for first-year students: For first-year students with an early interest in research and graduate school, the AAR Lab provides research training for students from first-generation, low-income, or ethnic minority backgrounds.

Internship opportunities for advanced students: The Access and Attainment Research Internship is an opportunity for first-generation and low-income students to learn research skills and knowledge while exploring research careers. By assisting AAR Lab staff with ongoing research projects, this internship supports students' academic engagement and retention, offers them the opportunity to become more competitive applicants for graduate school, and provides them the opportunity to learn foundational research skills necessary for various research careers.

Access and Attainment​ Graduate Internship​: This internship is an opportunity for a graduate student to gain research skills and knowledge. The objective of the internship is to enhance the intern’s academic experience, provide the intern with valuable training and experiences, and help the intern become competitive for future research awards and scholarships. 

The intern will be taught foundational research skills that are necessary to excel in research careers. The intern will assist researchers at the AAR Lab with ongoing research projects, including projects related to diverse populations and their experience on college campuses. The intern will also mentor students participating in DePaul’s TRIO programs. 

The intern will be selected based on their responses to questions designed to assess their interest in learning research skills, their commitment to obtaining knowledge about issues related to diversity in higher education, and their commitment to working with diverse populations.​


For information about applications, contact:

Dr. Olya Glantsma​n | oglanstm@depaul.edu​  

Dr. Luciano Berardi | lberardi@depaul.edu