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Access & Attainment Research Lab

Students engaged in a lab presentation


In early 2011, the Center for Access and Attainment (CAA) created the CAA Research Lab, a project intended to introduce first-year students to academic research methods and practice, in a collaborative effort — along with the TRiO SSSMcNair Scholars, and Arnold Mitchem Fellows — to prepare students for graduate study and faculty careers, as well as gain career and job development skills.​

Renamed the Access and Attainment Research Lab in 2022, the lab provides co-curricular educational internships where students receive transformative research training​​. Through this experience, participants become aware of research possibilities on campus and learn how to become competitive for acceptance into research projects in faculty labs.

The lab's​ activities and internships are partially funded by Access, Attainment and TRiO and the  Arnold Mitchem Fellows Program

​For more information, contact:

Dr. Luciano Berardi
Director, TRIO Programs and Access Research
(773) 325-4743 | lberardi@depaul.edu