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Access & Attainment Research Lab

Students engaged in a lab presentation


In early 2011, the Center for Access and Attainment (CAA) created the CAA Research Lab, a project intended to introduce first-year students to academic research methods and practice, in a collaborative effort — along with the TRiO SSSMcNair Scholars, and Arnold Mitchem Fellows — to prepare students for graduate study and faculty careers, as well as gain career and job development skills.

Renamed the Access and Attainment Research Lab in 2022, the lab provides co-curricular educational internships where students receive transformative research training. Through this experience, participants become aware of research possibilities on campus and learn how to become competitive for acceptance into research projects in faculty labs.

The lab's activities and internships are partially funded by Access, Attainment and TRiO and the  Arnold Mitchem Fellows Program.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Luciano Berardi
Director, TRIO Programs and Access Research
(773) 325-4743 | lberardi@depaul.edu