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Men of Color Initiative

  • What is Men of Color?

    The Men of Color Initiative at DePaul University (MOC@DPU) exists to provide opportunities for engagement that facilitate a sense of belonging, persistence to graduation, and readiness for life after college with a particular emphasis on the intersection of race, gender and college success. The program is driven by male-identified African American/Black, Latinx, APIDA, Native American and/or Bi/Multiracial students together with campus and community partners to increase access and success for men of color at DePaul. The MOC@DPU strives to do the following:

    • To provide an inclusive and supportive space for growth.
    • To offer skills in academic and personal success.
    • To support members in the development of a network of educational and professional contacts.
    • To engage in social-cultural dialogue that will enhance their understanding of self and their relationship to different communities.
  • How do I join Men of Color?

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    If you are interested in joining MOC@DPU, please submit an application. Contact OMSS or stop by our office in the Lincoln Park Student Center Suite 105 for more information about the program.

    Apply Now!

Participation in MOC@DePaul will offer growth and support in the following key areas:

Navigational Capital: the skills required to maneuver through social institutions, like a university, for which you may be unfamiliar.
  • Faculty and peer-to-peer mentorship
  • Networking opportunities for students to meet DePaul staff and faculty of color to help students identify campus allies with shared identities and backgrounds
  • Empowering students to feel confident and prepared to self-advocate for their personal, professional, and academic needs
Academic Success: full engagement in the academic experience, supporting and promoting academic growth, and fueling an intellectual curiosity that connects the classroom to the world with a commitment to social justice.
  • Participate in career exploration activities (assessments, job shadowing, informational interviews), engage with DePaul alumni for mentorship and networking, soft skill development, internship support, etc.
  • Regular meetings with OMSS staff to ensure student is maintaining satisfactory academic progress
  • Financial fitness topics to encourage positive financial behaviors, increase financial literacy skills, address immediate financial needs that may interfere with academic success, and preparing for financial responsibilities after college
  • Leadership development to encourage on campus engagement and campus leader positions, as well as transferrable leadership skills
Race/Ethnicity and Masculinity: explore the relationship between race/ethnicity and the impact it has on perceptions of masculinity. Looking deeper into how these multi-layer identities exist in relationship to masculinity are foundational to the program.
  • Strength-based curriculum, activities, and opportunities that encourage conversations around what it means to be a man of color at home, in the community, in college, in the workplace, and beyond.
Relationships: explore the ways that relationships (biological and chosen) can positively contribute to your college experience.
  • How to successfully navigate and maintain the different types of relationships students hold by skill building around setting healthy boundaries and finding a strong support network
Gender Identity/Expression: explore the ways that perceptions of gender identity and expression impact success in college and beyond.
  • Unpacking social constructs, including the cultural norms and gender expectations held by communities of color
There are two ways to get involved:
  1. MOC@DPU offers a cohort opportunity exclusively for First- and Second-Year students to take full advantage of all the resources, support, and professional development offered through the program. This year long program offers the following benefits:
  • Stipend upwards of $500
  • Job shadow opportunity
  • Monthly professional development and leadership workshops
  • Eligible to receive sponsorship for professional development opportunities (conference registration fees, graduate school application fees, etc.)
  • Mentorship; first-year students will be matched with a peer mentor through the STARS program, and second-year students will be matched with a faculty mentor
  • 1-on-1 coaching with OMSS Staff
  • Career planning and exploration support
  • Internship search support
  • Academic and financial management support
  • …and so much more!
As there are limited spots available, students interested in joining the cohort must submit an application.
  1. Students that are not eligible for the cohort but are still interested in participating at their convenience will be considered “At-Large Members’ and will be invited to engage with MOC@DPU via select workshops, events, and other opportunities.  At-Large members may also elect to receive one-on-one coaching support from OMSS staff.

Please Contact OMSS if you would like to receive more information about the program as well as upcoming programs and opportunities open to all MOC@DPU participants.

The Office of Multicultural Student Success has a number of specialized programs and opportunities aimed at supporting students who are first in their families to attend college in the United States.