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Health Insurance

DePaul University offers a comprehensive and affordable health insurance plan for international students through ISO Student Health Insurance. To read more about the plan, download the ISO Student Health Insurance Brochure below:

Academic Year 2022-2023: ISO Student Health Insurance Brochure​​​

ISO Resource: Should I get tested for COVID-19?​  ​​

Frequently Asked Questions

Health insurance is a way to insure yourself against the very expensive costs associated with illness and injury minus any policy exclusions. In return for a premium (monthly fee), the insurance company agrees to pay the price of a portion of your medical expenses, minus any deductible (amount that you must first pay before the insurance company contributes).

The U.S. does not have a national health care system like many other countries. If a person does not have health insurance and needs medical assistance, s/he is responsible for paying all medical fees. The cost of medical care is very expensive and the fastest rising expense in the U.S. today.

Become familiar with health insurance terminology and research the plan premium, co-insurance rates, deductible, coverage limits and exclusions. It is important to be familiar with the details of your insurance plan and to read your policy carefully and completely, including the information in the fine print.

All F-1 international students with an I-20 program start date after 8/24/2015 will be automatically enrolled and covered by ISO health insurance if currently enrolled in classes at DePaul University.

If you are an international student but studying from outside the U.S., ISO does not provide coverage for medical costs incurred outside the U.S. To opt-out of ISO insurance for Fall 2022 term only, please complete the form here. All cancellation requests must be submitted by September 21, 2022. 

*Please do not submit multiple requests. The ISO refund will appear on your student account by October 28.

If you are enrolled in classes and currently in the U.S. but already have your own health insurance coverage, read below to find out if you may qualify for a waiver.

If you are a new international student on an F-1 visa who already has health insurance, you may qualify for a waiver. The waiver application opens at the beginning of each quarter and is open for about 1 month. Please note: Health Insurance charges on your Student Account will not be removed until after the Waiver deadline.

In order to qualify for a waiver, your health insurance plan must meet the following requirements and provide coverage throughout the entire length of your enrollment at DePaul:
  • Lab Tests & X-rays
  • Prescriptions Drugs
  • Hospitalization (including room & board, physicians' fees and surgical expenses)
  • Outpatient hospital services
  • Mental health benefits
  • Emergency room care
  • A deductible not to exceed $500 annually
  • Per injury maximum of at least $250,000 with no lifetime maximum
  • Maximum out-of-pocket expenses $6,000 annually
  • Repatriation coverage at least $25,000
  • Medical evacuation coverage to home at least $50,000
  • Co-insurance in-network of at least 80%
  • No waiting period or exclusion for pre-existing conditions
  • Insurance company must be operating in the US with a US claims address and accessible customer service telephone number
You will need a copy of your current health insurance ID card and your health insurance brochure or plan description before you start the waiver. Your online application will be reviewed and you will receive an email approving or denying your application. DePaul University and ISO reserve the right to audit waivers submitted.
For questions regarding the ISO health insurance plan and insurance waiver process, please contact ISO directly at (800) 244-1180 or

If you are an F-1 visa holder with an I-20 program start date before 8/24/2015 but are not currently enrolled in classes, you can purchase the ISO insurance directly here

If you hold a J-1, J-2, F-2, or F-1 OPT status, you can also purchase ISO insurance here.

• F-1 OPT students with a valid I-20 can purchase the ISO OPTima (OPT) Plan

• J-1 students with a valid DS-2019 can purchase the J1 Exchange Plan.

• Dependents on F-2 or J-2 visa can enroll either with the F1/J1 visa holder as a dependent or on their own, by purchasing the ISO Voyager plan for non-students. The second option is usually more affordable but less benefits are offered.


The ISO Insurance fee is separate from the tuition payment and will be charged to your account during the coverage dates. ISO insurance costs $79 per month. Undergraduate and Graduate students will be charged per quarter. College of Law students are charged per semester. Charges will appear on your student account. Be sure to pay your bill within 30 days to avoid a late fee.
Fall Winter Spring Summer
Coverage Dates
Aug. 25 - Dec. 24 Dec. 25 - Mar. 24 Mar. 25 - Jun. 11 Jun. 12 - Aug. 24
Coverage Dates
Semester LAW
Aug. 21 - Dec. 20
Initial: Aug. 13 - Dec. 20

Dec. 21 - May 20
Initial: Jan. 9 - May 20

May 21 - Aug. 20
Dates when students
should receive their 
Health Cards from ISO
August 12 - September 21 November 11 - January 16 February 24 - April 10 May 19 - June 16
ISO charges APPEAR
on Student Accounts
August 5 - September 14 November 4 - January 9 February 17 - April 3 May 12 - June 9
Waiver Deadline September 21 January 16 April 10 June 26
from Student Accounts
(Estimate: For those whose waivers are  approved or are
no longer enrolled in classes.)
October 28 February 22 May 15 September 6

Your ISO insurance card will be emailed to your email address directly from ISO each term. Please be sure to check your spam/junk folder as well.

We process health insurance enrollment on a rolling basis, so some students may get their insurance cards before others. Please refer to ISO enrollment dates & billing process for the "Date when students should receive their Health Cards from ISO" for when you should receive your insurance card.

Please email for assistance. If you have a health emergency, please seek medical assistance immediately. You will be able to submit your medical bills to ISO later for billing. To find a doctor or provider within your network, please use this link.

Yes, you are automatically enrolled and covered by ISO health insurance if you are an F-1 student enrolled in classes at DePaul (or have been approved for a medical reduced course load by your ISS advisor) and are currently maintaining your lawful F-1 student status. Please refer to the next question for coverage date details. (This does not apply to students who have been approved for a waiver by ISO).

ISO has a very useful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on its website to help answer questions about your insurance coverage and to help you find a doctor.

You can search for in-network providers here.

DePaul requires that every student submit proof that they have been immunized from specific diseases. Unfortunately, the ISO insurance plan does not cover immunizations.

To learn more about what immunizations are required and how to submit your proof of immunization online visit the Immunizations Requirement webpage

*We also recommend that you bring a copy of your records with you as back-up in case you need to re-submit for any reason. 

Effective August 25, 2019, students using healthcare services with ISO health insurance will receive a letter from Wellfleet, a third party company, explaining what charges are covered by the insurance company and what are those to be paid by the students. 

Wellfleet letters are NOT bills, they are a summary of your insurance coverage and a cost estimate of the service(s) you received. You will receive a bill in the mail directly from the clinic or hospital where health services were provided. 

To understand how to interpret a Wellfleet letter, please click here.  You may also call an ISO claims administrator, Wellfleet Monday – Thursday 8:30am– 7:00pm EST & Friday 8:30am– 5:00pm EST at (855)-664-5837.


For healthcare services received prior to August 25, 2019, students using ISO health insurance will receive a letter from Healthsmart. To understand how to interpret a HealthSmart letter, please click here.

AMITA Sage Medical Group ("AMITA") is a community health care provider with a clinic conveniently located in DePaul’s Lincoln Park campus. For more information, click here.
Students who pay the AMITA services fee ($60 per quarter through Campus Connect) are treated as current patients for non-emergency visits. Office visits and basic lab work are covered by the fee. Ideally, students would pay the fee and also have health insurance. However, if students use ISO insurance instead of paying the AMITA health services fee, they will be charged a deductible plus any out-of-pocket expenses for tests or lab work. Click here for more information about your options for using ISO insurance vs paying the AMITA health services fee for international students. 
AMITA Sage Medical Group
1150 W. Fullerton Ave., Second Floor 
Chicago, IL 60614 
(773) 549-7757

No. We process health insurance enrollment each term, so your insurance card is valid for the coverage period of that term – please refer to ISO enrollment dates & billing process for coverage dates. Every term, ISO will email you a new insurance card with new insurance ID. Please always use the correct insurance card and ID to avoid any confusion.

Contact ISO

ISO Health Insurance

(800) 244-1180 (MF 9am-6pm EST)​