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Diversity Resources for Students

Multicultural Student Support

The Office of Multicultural Student Success's (OMSS) approach to advancing the cause of marginalized group members at DePaul University is rooted in our belief that systems of privilege and oppression directly impact the lives of people in this community. In light of this, OMSS staff members promote the interests of underrepresented populations at multiple levels within the institution in order to initiate change and give voice to the issues and concerns of people that may not otherwise be acknowledged. OMSS also provides academic success information, developmental programs, and key staff contacts for first generation, low income students, or students of color to empower them to be their own advocates during a time of crisis.

Students Together Are Reaching Success

The Students Together are Reaching Success (STARS) program is one year peer to peer mentoring experience for freshmen and transfer students. STARS provides students with transformative learning experiences in the following areas: academic excellence, financial fitness, leadership development, emotional wellness, and social networking.STARS provides engagement opportunities that promote increased affinity and community development. These students also can give back to the community later on in their academic careers by serving as peer mentors to future DePaul students.

Reaching for Academic Progress

The Reaching for Academic Progress (R.A.P.) sessions are geared towards maintaining a successful experience at DePaul. Each R.A.P. session is a one-on-one meeting with an OMSS staff member during the 6th – 8th weeks of the quarter. After midterm exams, OMSS staff contact students to schedule a R.A.P. session to discuss grades, student leadership involvement, personal wellness and strategies to assure academic success.

Study Jams

Study Jams are collaborative study sessions which are designed to create a sense of community among academically-focused students of color, first generation students, participants in cultural student organizations and participants involved the OMSS programs.

Providing Access through Holistic Success

Providing Access through Holistic Success (PATHS) is a career-focused program offered to rising sophomores. All PATHS participants are provided the opportunity to engage with staff to have one-on-one conversations focused on career discernment, enroll in a two-credit career exploration and discernment course, attend career field trips, and receive weekly e-newsletters informing students about career exploration activities offered on campus. Participants will also have an opportunity to create a career portfolio.

Family Outreach and Empowerment Programs

These programs empower parents of incoming first generation college students, low-income students, and students of color to advocate and be a resource for their students’ unique needs by delivering specialized support that provides opportunities to network with each other and receive information about OMSS and other DePaul programs and services.

The Men of Color Initiative

The Men of Color Initiative is a comprehensive support program designed to build community among first-generation and/or low-income, male students of color in order to support them in their academic endeavors at DePaul University.

DePaul Student Ministries

DePaul offers a variety of religious ministries to accommodate our diverse student population. This is a wonderful opportunity to find a supportive community.

Diversity Centers