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Immigration and Refugee Resources at DePaul University

​​​ DePaul will take every action within the law to protect everyone within our community, including Muslim students, faculty, and staff in the United States and from other countries. DePaul will remain unwavering in its support of undocumented students.

This section is designed to provide both internal and external resources for undocumented and immigrant students that may be affected by recent changes in legislation and Executive Orders.

  • DePaul's Statements

    View statements and communications from DePaul's president about the recent legislation and how DePaul supports affected university community members. ​

  • Resources

    A collection of helpful resources from DePaul sources and external sources. ​

  • Legal Services

    Available legal services for DePaul students, faculty, and staff. ​

  • Scholarships

    A list of scholarships, fellowships and other special programs. ​

  • Support Services

    Students can find support at DePaul through these various university resources and services. ​