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​Responding to Subpoenas and Other Legal Requests
DePaul routinely receives various types of formal legal requests. These include:

Subpoenas:  Documents requiring DePaul (or a DePaul employee) to provide testimony or documents related to a pending lawsuit
Summons/Complaints:  Documents initiating a lawsuit and requiring DePaul to appear in court or otherwise respond by a certain date
​Routine Government Investigations:  Site visits related to visa applications sponsored by the University
Wage Garnishments:  Documents requiring DePaul to withhold some portion of an employee’s wages 

Pursuant to the Response to Legal Inquiries policy​, the OGC is responsible for responding to all legal requests made to DePaul.  If someone, such as a Sheriff, process server, or investigator with a government-issued badge/ID asks you for information or to accept any legal documents on behalf of DePaul, please decline and redirect him/her to the Office of the General Counsel, 14 E. Jackson Blvd., 18th Floor. Responses to legal requests are generally handled by Associate General Counsel Mary Devona Stark, x27503,​

Resources from DePaul sources:

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