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President's Diversity Council


The President's Diversity Council (PDC) will promote collaboration and communication by bringing together representatives from constituency groups to actualize DePaul's diversity goals and objectives. Reporting to the vice president of OIDE, the President's Diversity Council will advise the president regarding diversity issues, and serve the university's diverse populations by recommending coordinate institutional procedures that help achieve the objectives as outlined in the current strategic plan.


  • The PDC shall advise the vice president of OIDE and the president regarding the development and implementation of policies and programs designed to enhance the campus diversity, inclusion and engagement for all members of the university.
  • The PDC shall communicate diversity benchmarks and work in partnership with others to foster effective diversity management practices that promote faculty, staff and student diversity.
  • The PDC shall address diversity challenges, topics and opportunities that may be especially relevant to specific population groups.
  • The PDC shall provide forums for highlighting events that address diversity issues.
  • The PDC shall maximize diversity education and the development of diversity competencies across the university.
  • The PDC shall create, maintain and market a list of diversity accomplishments at DePaul.
  • The PDC shall create and submit to the president an annual diversity report outlining diversity recommendations.
  • The PDC shall serve as a diversity resource for offices/colleges throughout the university.
PDC Action Plan Grid Update