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About the Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity (OIDE)


The OIDE actualizes DePaul's Catholic, Vincentian and urban character by ensuring respect, inclusion and equity for all members of our community.


Our vision is to achieve a truly diverse environment that reflects our collective values. Our work, programs and initiatives will reflect this commitment to promoting change, equal opportunity, social justice, celebrating and fostering diversity, the recruitment and retention of diverse constituencies, and building a community that values and respects the differences and commonalities that each and every individual brings to DePaul. We will continue to strive to prepare our community to effectively navigate the opportunities and challenges of Chicago and beyond.

Resolution of the Board of Trustees — Commitment to Diversity
Resolution of the Board of Trustees — Statement on Diversity                                                                                              Strategic Planning 2024 - Grounded in Mission

​Core Values

  • Assist DePaul in achieving academic excellence
  • Embrace our Vincentian Heritage
  • Create understanding
  • Foster compassion
  • Promote equal opportunity
  • Foster respect, inclusion and equity


The Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity is designed to provide resources and organizational integration to effectively coordinate and develop a wide spectrum of services, initiatives and policies. An essential component of the diversity effort at DePaul is the commitment to diversity as a core value of the institution.


  • Diversity and Advocacy Policy
  • Training
  • Programming
  • Affirmative Action Plan
  • President's Diversity Advisory Committee

Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Statement of Policy​​​​​