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The Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity sponsors a variety of cultural programming events. Since its inception, OIDE's cultural programming has evolved to become a university resource for sustaining culturally-based activities. We work in partnership with departments, units, and organizations throughout the university on events designed to celebrate our differences and increase diversity awareness and understanding. This is one of the many ways in which DePaul shows its commitment to the many cultures that exist within our community.

Funded Initiatives

The Diversity Signature Series promotes cultural programs and events of our centers, institutes, academic departments, and DePaul University organizations. As a result of this collaboration, we create an annual diversity calendar of heritage month celebrations and more.

OIDE supports diverse student graduation events including the following:
  • African American Graduation Banquet
  • Asian American-Pacific Islander Graduation Banquet
  • Latino Graduation Banquet
  • Lavender Graduation

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