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Courageous Dialogue Series

​​​The Courageous Dialogue Series is an innovative, media-based dialogue project regarding race, equity, and diversity models. The project highlights the narratives of students, faculty, staff, and alumni within the DePaul community. Using testimonies and a storytelling framework, this media project centers on ​social justice and equity issues through personal testimonials to promote open dialogue about diversity literacy.

The Courageous Dialogue Series is supported by The Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity (OIDE) at DePaul University. The project was created and directed by Associate Professor Chi Jang Yin, DePaul Presidential Fellow, 2020–2021. For more information, contact Chi Jang Yin, cyin1@depaul.

Curiosity Within and Beyond Race

Dr. Chernoh Momodu Sesay, Jr.

Becoming the Mentor

Dr. Jaclyn Jensen

Mentoring Matters

Steve Stoute J.D., Vice President

My Story of Persistence

Cory Barnes, MS

How My Parents' Journey Has Become a Core Tenet for My Life

Bushra Amiwala, an Alumnus of class 2020

Second City Second Shot

Laura Kina, MFA

The Meaning of Being the First

Seerat Kaler, an Alumnus of class 2021

Find Meaning in the Present Moment

Jeremiah Howe, instructor

Belonging In Academia

Dr. Michele Morgan

Waking Up White

James Rudyk

Value Creating as a Woman

Nilima Sil, student