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This page provides resources for parents and family members to understand the university and all it has to offer in terms of support for students.

This is by no means an exhaustive resource listing, so we encourage you to email parents@depaul.edu or call New Student and Family Engagement at (773) 325-7360 if you can’t find the information you’re seeking here, or to suggest other useful parent and family resources or topics.

Parent and Family Calendar and Resource Guide

The Parent and Family calendar offers DePaul's entire academic calendar in one location, and includes many major campus events. It is also an effort to assist parents and family members in understanding the different resources available to students. The front half of the publication is a calendar, full of DePaul dates to know, and the back half outlines the responsibilities of many departments and offices across campus, including their contact information.

We have taken the calendar and created a PDF including all of the departmental information in the calendar publication for parents and family members to reference throughout your student's career at DePaul. Click here to access the Family Res​ource Guide for 2017-2018.​

Parent and Family Outreach and Empowerment Program

The Office of Multicultural Student Success (OMSS) realizes parents are a critical partner in our students' holistic success at DePaul University. As a result, OMSS has created the new Parent and Family Outreach and Empowerment Program. The goals of the program are to provide parents of first-year students of color an opportunity to network with each other, receive information about OMSS and other DePaul programs and services, and empower parents to be an advocate and resource for their student's success. To achieve this, the Parent and Family Outreach and Empowerment program will host on-campus events for parents and families and provide a quarterly newsletters to teach parents how to use DePaul's programs and services to effectively communicate, collaborate, and strategically plan with their student to help them achieve success. 

For any questions about the program please contact Jade Perry at 773.325.7325.

Parent and Family Communications

We provide a variety of ways for parents and family members to stay connected with DePaul throughout the year. It is our goal for you to belong as a part of the DePaul community, and our communications are one way to build that relationship 365 days a year!

Family Connection

Family Connection emails are sent each quarter, and contain announcements and information for parents and family members, important dates to know, highlights of university news and a few parent and family support resources. They are quick to read and link to resources around the University for more information.

Parents and family members can sign up for this email list when they attend orientation and complete the family information card; if you have a current student attending DePaul and would like to join this list, please email parents@depaul.edu with your name, email address, and the year in which your student attended orientation.​

You can see our recent news stories from Family Connection emails here.​

Parent/Family Email Resource

Our parents@depaul.edu email address is a resource designed just for parents and family members of DePaul students. This account is maintained by our office and we ask for 48 business hours to respond to emails received; many times, we are ensuring we provide you the BEST information before responding.​

Parent/Family Facebook Group

Our most regular connection with parents and family members is through our Facebook group, Parents @ DePaul. To join the group, all you need to do is be a parent of a DePaul student and request to join!​

Parent and Family Outreach and Empowerment Newsletter

The Office of Multicultural Student Success' (OMSS) Parent and Family Outreach newsletter is a hardcopy and online quarterly newsletter sent to parents that serves as a handbook to help them understand how to be a partner in their student's success at DePaul University. This newsletter provides tips, tools, and information to help parents of color be a partner in their student's success during their first year at DePaul University. 

For any questions about the Parent and Family Outreach and Empowerment Program, please contact Jade Perry at 773.325.2855.


Additional Resources

Useful Links

  • Campus Events
    Visit this page to learn about the events taking place on campus.
  • Consumer Information About DePaul 
    This page functions as a centralized location for access to DePaul University consumer information. DePaul is hopeful that the information will assist students, their families, and interested third parties in obtaining information about the University's educational programs, costs, and outcomes.
  • DePaul Academic Calendar 
    This page provides all of the current academic year's dates related to courses, tuition payments, and university holidays.
  • DePaul Central 
    DePaul Central provides one-stop services to help students manage registration, academic planning, financial aid and payment processes at DePaul. This site offers information related to academic planning, finances, information privacy, student resources, and the university catalog.
  • DePaul Newsletters
    Here is a centralized location for many of DePaul's newsletters from colleges and departments, as well as university-wide communications sources.
  • Student Success @ DePaul 
    This site offers information on academic support services available at DePaul, including tutoring, mentorship programs, advising, and study assistance.

Parent and Family Reading List

If you're interested in learning more about the dynamics of parenting a college student or getting some advice, we'll continue to add references to books, articles, or other resources that would prove valuable to our parents.

Book Review: Don't Tell Me What to Do, Just Send Money
This book offers wonderful, helpful advice in an easy to read and entertaining fashion. The opening chapter, From Supervisor to Consultant, lays the foundation for the understanding that the parental role during the college years is a shift from what has come before.

Blog Post: 9 Ways to Handle Homesickness 
College is often described as the "best time of your life," but the beginnings can sometimes be bumpy. That can certainly be the case if homesickness becomes part of the new college experience.

Book Review: You're On Your Own: But Call Me If You Need Me 
This review offers a perspective on a book authored specifically for the parents of college students. Beyond providing some context to the experience of attending college, this book offers strategies for preparing yourself for your student's transition.

Blog Post: Launching Conversations: Tips for Parents of College Bound Kids 
During these final days of packing and shopping, find time to talk about these essential ingredients for this major life transition with your college bound student.

Book Review: The iConnected Parent: Staying Close ​to Your Kids in College (and Beyond) While Letting Them Grow Up
Dr. Barbara Hofer, a Middlebury College professor of psychology, and Abigail Sullivan Moore, a journalist who has reported on college and high school trends for the New York Times, answer all of your questions about both the good and the bad of close communication in the college years and beyond in their groundbreaking, compelling book. An essential assessment of the state of parent-child relationships in an age of instant communication, The iConnected Parent goes beyond sounding the alarm about the ways many young adults are failing to develop independence to describe the healthy, mutually fulfilling relationships that can emerge when families grow closer in our wired world. (Description taken from Amazon.com)

Communicating With Your College Student: Is The Climate Right?
This article offers some tips and suggestions for effectively communicating with your student, particularly through challenges they may face. These strategies can assist you in making sure you’re getting your message across while maintaining a positive and supportive relationship.​

Orientation Materials

Here are links to several of the presentations from our freshman orientation program, Premiere DePaul. If you are looking for specific information, please request it through the parents@depaul.edu account, so we can locate it and ensure you receive the correct information. This is not a complete list of the presentations shared at orientation, and is not intended to substitute for attending the program with your student, but is an effort to supplement your notes or questions.