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Ladder Level D

These positions may require more than two years of experience; junior, senior, or graduate student status; specific coursework completed; and/or specific demonstrated knowledge, skills & abilities. These positions often require leadership skills and/or specific knowledge and experience in a field. Level D positions can qualify for UIP credit.

Skill Legend

On each level of the Ladder of Employment students will develop skills from each of these categories. Reference the abbreviations to see what type of skills each level builds.

  • CL: Clerical Skills
  • CM: Communication Skills
  • CR: Creative Skills
  • F: Financial Skills
  • HR: Human Relation Skills
  • M: Management Skills
  • PR: Public Relations Skills
  • PS: Problem Solving Skills
  • R: Research Skills
  • MS: Mechanical Skills
  • TR: Training Skills
  • CS: Computing Skills

Typical Skills Built at Level D

  • administering (F)
  • Adobe Pagemaker (CS)
  • Adobe Photoshop (CS)
  • allocating (F)
  • ASP (CS)
  • assessing (R)
  • CGI (CS)
  • consulting (M/PR)
  • counseling (HR)
  • delegating (M)
  • directing (M)
  • enabling (TR)
  • engineering (MS)
  • extrapolating (R)
  • forecasting (F)
  • influencing (CM)
  • instructing (TR)
  • inventing (CR)
  • mediating (CM)
  • Microsoft Access-Advanced (CS)
  • motivating (HR)
  • negotiating (M)
  • projecting (F)
  • revitalizing (CR)
  • SQL/SQL Server (CS)
  • Visual Basic/Visual C++ (CS)