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Mitchem Fellows Program Details

AMF Students in Class

During the program, students take on an academic yearlong project to create a literature review that relates to their experiences and field of interest. To complete this project, students enroll in WRD 227: Writing Research with Identity (fall), WRD 228: Writing an Annotated Bibliography (winter), and WRD 229: Writing a Literature Review (spring) to learn how to transform their experiences and interests into a research topic and develop an argument. With support from AMF staff and peers, students learn the process of articulating a research interest through the creation of a literature review.

Furthermore, the program provides students with guidance to develop a strong support network on campus (e.g., with faculty and peers involved in academic activities) in addition to funding to attend academic conferences, all of which are critical for building awareness of graduate school and research careers.

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Mitchem Fellows Program
2320 N. Kenmore Ave.
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Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 325-4602 | mitchemfellows@depaul.edu