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Student Fatigue: How you can help!

Staying awake with your support

​​​You may have seen your student dozing off, looking aloof or sporting baggy-eyes at particular points during the holiday season. These signs of fatigue are not unusual after a grueling academic quarter and the pressure of finals week and final projects. During the course of the winter break, you may see these signs of weariness subside, but as your student gets back at it during winter quarter, the stress returns and so may their sleepy-eyes. Your early and constant support will be needed to get them through to spring break!

Fatigue in college students is not uncommon: out of 13,000 students surveyed in fall 2020, nearly 30 percent noted they felt sleepy or tired during the entire prior week. Ongoing developments surrounding the pandemic further change the way students experience college, possibly adding to their fatigue. This makes your support and guidance that much more important!

Here are some tips to help you help your student:

  • Encourage your student to avoid trying to do everything at once, or focusing on the enormity of a large or complex project: breaking down enormous expectations into smaller deliverables may help.
  • Encourage them to engage in programs and events offered by the Office of Health Promotion and Wellness, which cover topics from nutrition to sleep habits to the value of exercise. All of their offerings aim to support a healthier, more mindful, less tiring college experience.
  • Listen actively and recognize the needs and wants of your student. What will help them feel better? What will help them overcome some of their stressors?
  • Remember that your student is going to college during an extraordinarily challenging time. Your presence and support, particularly now, is quite powerful. If they ask for your help, being there for them can be all they really need!


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