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Health services: Your student has options

Chicago is a big city, and depending on where your student is living, they have plenty of health services options to choose from. The question is, which one suits them best? 

To make it easier for students, DePaul partners with AMITA Sage Medical Group, located at 1150 W Fullerton on the second floor, to offer basic medical care for acute illnesses and injuries and STD testing for a quarterly fee (see below for details). A complete list of services offered, as well as what services are not provided, can be found here, under ‘Services.’ These should be reviewed in detail by you and your student if they are enrolled in the program.​

Health Services
If your student is living in a residence hall (with the exception of University Center), they are automatically enrolled in the university’s health services program. Off-campus students can opt into the program by paying a $60 fee to DePaul Central. Students in residence halls may also opt out of the program if they prefer other options. See below for specific instructions.

Opt in to Health Services
Off-campus students can pay a $60 fee with a credit card on Campus Connect by navigating to Student Resources > Student Services > Sage Medical Registration.

Opt out of Health Services
Before opting out of the health services program, you and your student should consider their access to other options for local health care and insurance coverage. If they decide to opt out after this, residence hall students must complete this form by September 21, as well as produce copies of their DePaul ID and proof of medical insurance. No refunds will be offered after this deadline.

Immediate Care
If your student can’t go to the doctor’s office but is seeking non-emergency health services ASAP, they should locate the nearest immediate care center. With a quick Google search, they will find these clinics within walking distance of both the Lincoln Park and Loop campuses. Often, these institutions are open later than doctor’s offices and offer walk-in services, as well as same-day appointments.

Health Insurance
While the university doesn’t provide health insurance for students, we encourage them to explore their healthcare options via the Affordable Healthcare Act. This website provides information on a variety of Affordable Care Act compliant health insurance plans, as well as enrollment for Medicaid, if you qualify.
DePaul also works with Advocate Health Care’s Transition Support Program to help students get access to doctors and clinics in the Chicagoland area and more. You and your student can find out more about navigating the health care system by emailing hpw@depaul.edu or calling Advocate Health Care directly at 773-296-5523.