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COVID-19 related questions? Visit the COVID-19 updates and guidance website

Student health, well-being and safety is integral in ensuring a productive learning environment where students can succeed. To learn more about DePaul’s commitment to offering students high-quality education and connection with others both comfortably and safely, make sure you and your student check out the COVID-19 Updates and Guidance website. Here you will find a variety of important resources and useful tips for students to follow as they return to campus. Students can navigate the website to:

  • ​F​ind resources regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, including scheduling their vaccine appointment and submitting proof of vaccination.
  • Learn about DePaul’s on-campus health and safety practices on both campuses regarding face masks, physical distancing, personal hygiene and more.
  • Review the public health measures taken by DePaul such as improved ventilation, classroom and lab cleaning, COVID-19 response cleaning, face mask and sanitizer availability and much more
  • Go over the guidelines for students planning or attending on-campus experiences
  • Read important FAQs about COVID-19 campus housing information, guests in residence halls, cleaning and disinfecting common areas, and more.
  • Learn the COVID-19 reporting protocol if a student or someone they know tests positive for the virus or is exposed to it.
Students are highly encouraged to visit the COVID-19 Updates and Guidance website often in order to keep up with all COVID-related news, protocols, updates, and more. Additionally, students receive Newsline Daily​ and should check that for updates, as well.