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Health Services at DePaul

​​​​​For parents and guardians with students living on their own or with roommates in the city, whether on- or off-campus, it can seem overwhelming to consider all of the different health services options. Chicago is a big city with a lot of people, but DePaul makes it easy with their very own health services offered through AMITA Sage Medical Group! While it is absolutely critical that your student gets tested for COVID-19 if they show any symptoms, which are listed here on the CDC website, it’s important to remember that your student can still suffer from more basic, common illnesses and injuries. 

The small population of students who are living on campus are automatically enrolled in DePaul’s health services program with AMITA Sage Medical Group, located at 1150 W Fullerton on the second floor, adjacent to the Lincoln Park campus. Students living off-campus can also access Student Health Services! If you would like them to be enrolled in the program, you can opt in by paying a $60 quarterly fee. They will then have easy and affordable access to basic healthcare close to where they live. 

​Opt In
To opt into this program, students who commute or live off campus can pay the fee with a credit card by logging into Campus Connect and navigating to Student Resources > Student Services > Sage Medical Registration.

Opt Out
If you decide to opt out of the health services fee, students in residence halls must present a copy of their DePaul ID and proof of medical insurance. This must be completed no later than two weeks into the quarter, no refunds will be offered following this deadline.  

What’s Covered?
Students enrolled with this program will be treated for acute illnesses and injuries, have access to STD testing and more. Prescriptions aren’t covered by the fee and AMITA cannot refill certain ongoing prescriptions such as antidepressants and bipolar medications. For more details about AMITA’s services and the program in general, click here. COVID-19-related testing and treatment is not available in any capacity in this program.

Health Insurance Information
DePaul does not provide a student health insurance plan; students are instead encouraged to explore their healthcare options via the Affordable Healthcare Act. This website provides information on a variety of Affordable Care Act compliant health insurance plans, as well as enrollment for Medicaid, if you qualify.

DePaul also works with Advocate Health Care’s Transition Support Program to help students get access to doctors and clinics in the Chicagoland area and more. You and your student can find out more about navigating the health care system by emailing hpw@depaul.edu or calling Advocate Health Care directly at 773-296-5523.

Immediate Care
Sometimes, your student might not be able to make it to the doctor’s office by the end of the day or they might need immediate care. In these cases, there are several urgent and immediate care clinics within walking distance of both the Lincoln Park and Loop campuses. These locations are often open longer than doctor offices and can send your student away with the prescription they need.

For in-depth information about testing, the next steps if you test positive, what to do if your student comes into contact with a positive case and more about the novel coronavirus, please see the article titled “Protocol for Reporting Confirmed Cases of COVID-19.”

Your student has many options for health services. Talk to them about their options and make sure they know how to reach out for proper care. If you have any questions regarding AMITA, health insurance or immediate care locations, please feel free to email our Office of Health Promotion and Wellness at hpw@depaul.edu, call their office at 773-325-7129 or visit the Health Services website​