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Vincentian Mission Institute

Founded in 2007, VMI is a collaborative effort among the three Vincentian universities in the United States—Niagara University, St. John’s University, and DePaul University.

This two-year cohort program seeks to engage senior leaders at our three institutions in support of their institution’s distinctive Vincentian and Catholic identity. Through collaborative online coursework, enthusiastic web conference discussions, thoughtful case studies and capstone projects, and a Vincentian Heritage trip to France VMI strives to have its participants answer the question: What does it mean for our institution to be a vibrant Catholic, Vincentian university in the twenty-first century?

Upon completion of the program, cohort members will be equipped to frame, express, and develop their leadership in direct support of the university’s mission, values, and identity both in their everyday work, and in their contributions to the university’s strategic future.

The next cohort will begin in the Fall of 2022.  Cohort members are chosen by the president from among applications he receives from faculty and staff who serve in senior leadership positions at the university.  The president, provost, and executive vice president may also invite university leaders to apply for the program.

Current Cohort:

  • Salma Ghanem
  • Chad Jordahl
  • Dorothy Kozlowski
  • Denise Mattson
  • Jennifer McClelland
  • Roxanne Owens
  • Ruben Parra
  • Victoria Simek
  • Maria Toscano
  • James Wolfinger
  • Thomas Burns
  • Chandra Foote
  • Michael Jeswald
  • Anna McNab
  • Rolanda Ward
  • Stefanie Wichhart
  • John Diffley
  • Gina Florio
  • David Gachigo
  • Steven Neier
  • Katia Passerini
  • Cynthia Phillips


  • Susan Barrett-Kelley
  • Shirley Rice Bono
  • Karen Cullen
  • Marten denBoer
  • Phillip Funk
  • Jamie Moncrief
  • Craig Mousin
  • Rick Niedziela
  • Barbara Willard
  • JoAnne Zielinski
  • Corinne Lally Benedetto
  • Linda Buchanan
  • Linda A. Graf
  • Cynthia J. Lawson
  • Don Martin
  • Eric Nelson
  • José Perales
  • Warren Schultz
  • Paul Zionts
  • Marisa Alicea
  • Jay Braatz
  • John Culbert
  • Liz Friedman
  • Mark Hawkins
  • Emily Opalski
  • Rosa Perez
  • Barbara Schaffer
  • Kathryn Statz
  • Chris Worthman
  • Peggy Burke
  • Peter Casarella
  • Don Casey, Jr
  • Joe Filkins
  • Elizabeth Ortiz
  • Ann Stanford
  • Kevin Stevens
  • Georgianna Torres Reyes