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Vincentian Studies Institute Publications

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The Vincentian Studies Institute publishes an ongoing series of scholarly monographs. These book length works typically provide in-depth studies of historical figures, moments, and movements in the Vincentian tradition. The VSI has also published a number of special publications that focus primarily upon Vincentian spirituality.

Monographs and special publications are available to purchase through the Vincentian Heritage Bookshop, found here: Seton Shrine Vincentian Heritage Shop

Our newest featured publication is:

A General History of the Congregation of the Mission Beginning after the Death of Blessed Vincent de Paul
, by Claude-Joseph Lacour, C.M., trans. & annot. by John E. Rybolt, C.M. (Chicago: Vincentian Studies Institute, 2020), 306 pp. This work is the earliest known history of the Congregation of the Mission and dates from about 1730. Vincentian historian John Rybolt, C.M., building on the initiative of Stafford Poole, C.M., completed this English translation from the original French. The author, Claude-Joseph Lacour, C.M. (1672-1731), drew from already published materials and his own recollections. While the story he tells may seem familiar, Lacour included materials that are unknown anywhere else and delivers a first-hand account of the Congregation’s rapid growth in those early days. The text is essential reading for anyone wishing to better understand Vincent de Paul’s society of apostolic life of priests and brothers following his death. This eBook is designed for tablets and computer as a high-res interactive .pdf. It has been rigorously annotated by Fr. Rybolt and is fully illustrated and searchable. The book is offered free-of-charge to download here: General History of C.M. ebook

The monograph series began in 1996, and to date includes:

Louise de Marillac: Come Winds or High Waters, by Élisabeth Charpy, D.C. (Chicago: Vincentian Studies Institute, 2018), 200 pp. Originally published in 1988, this title has been translated, redesigned as an e-book, illustrated, and republished by the V.S.I., with the permission of the Daughters of Charity. Numerous quotes within the text have also been updated and reannotated to meet the English language standard provided by recent translations of Louise and Vincent’s letters and words. Sr. Charpy presents this biography of Louise de Marillac as woman, wife, mother, foundress, and indispensable collaborator with Vincent de Paul in founding the Vincentian tradition. In so doing, she seeks to highlight the spiritual insights Louise gained and then expressed in her life as a mystic, and as a hands-on servant of the poor. The e-book is available free to download: Winds or High Waters ebook 

Henri de Maupas du Tour: The Funeral Oration for Vincent de Paul, 23 November 1660, Introduction, Translation, and Annotation by Edward R. Udovic, C.M. (Chicago: Vincentian Studies Institute, 2015), 223 pp. This book provides the first English translation of the funeral oration given by Henri de Maupas du Tour two months after Vincent de Paul’s death. The oration has a special importance as it was “the first public presentation of Monsieur Vincent’s life and works.” Rev. Udovic presents an enormous amount of original research about Henri de Maupas du Tour, the literary form of funeral orations, their sometimes political goals, and the canonization process of St. Vincent. I recommend this book highly to those who love Vincent de Paul and are eager to know more about this extraordinary period of history. An e-book edition is available free to download: Maupas du Tour ebook 

Daughters of Charity: Women, Religious Mission, and Hospital Care in Los Angeles, 1856-1927, by Kristine Ashton Gunnell, Ph.D. (Chicago: Vincentian Studies Institute, 2013), 259 pp. The first women to incorporate a business in Los Angeles, the Daughters of Charity played a pivotal role in shaping the quality of health services for the county’s indigent sick. As hospitals transformed from social welfare institutions to medically oriented businesses in the late nineteenth century, these Roman Catholic sisters developed innovative business strategies to retain their historic leadership position in the city’s hospital industry without relinquishing their religious commitment to care for the poor. This work provides new insights into women’s entrepreneurial activities and social advocacy work in the West, while documenting the rich heritage of a religious community and its impact on nursing history.

Sister Rosalie Rendu: A Daughter of Charity on Fire with Love for the Poor, by Louise Sullivan, D.C. (Chicago: DePaul University, Vincentian Studies Institute, 2007). This most recent monograph is the first definitive biography of Sister Rosalie Rendu. In 19th century Paris, her works of charity in the infamous Mouffetard district for those who were poor, her works to benefit women and children, her tireless efforts during the cholera epidemic and along the barricades during times of revolution, and, of course, her collaboration with Frédéric Ozanam, earned Sister Rosalie the gratitude of an entire nation. This book celebrates Sister Rosalie’s life, works, and ultimately her beatification on 9 November 2003. An e-book edition is available free to download: Rendu ebook 

Frontier Missionary, Felix de Andreis, C.M., 1778–1820, Correspondence and Historical Writings, by John E. Rybolt, C.M. (Chicago: Vincentian Studies Institute, 2005), 508 pp. A comprehensive collection of the letters and writings of De Andreis documenting his thoughts and actions on the mission, and ultimately his long journey from Italy to America, and across the vast frontier to St. Louis. This publication marked the introduction of a new graphic look for the series with a glossy full-color cover and numerous illustrations and maps throughout. An e-book edition is available free to download: De Andreis ebook 

Jean-Baptiste Étienne and the Vincentian Revival, authored by Edward R. Udovic, C.M. (Chicago: Vincentian Studies Institute, 2001), 350 pp. This work looks at the pivotal and controversial role of Jean-Baptiste Étienne (14th superior general) in the remarkable Vincentian revival following the chaos and destruction of the French Revolution and Napoleonic eras. Robert P. Maloney, C.M., praised this fascinating study “for helping us grow in insight into this complex man’s thoughts and actions.” An e-book edition is available free to download: Etienne ebook 

The Vincentian Family Tree, by Betty Ann McNeil, D.C. (Chicago: Vincentian Studies Institute, 1996), 255 pp. Traces in exact detail the “genealogical” roots of the entire Vincentian Family worldwide. An enormous undertaking, Sr. McNeil has been widely praised for the groundbreaking nature of her work. A remarkable resource for those who wish to study this complex history. An e-book edition is available free to download: Family Tree ebook 

Special Publications began in 1999 and to date include:

Praying with Elizabeth Ann Seton, newly revised, edited by Betty Ann McNeil, D.C. (Chicago: Vincentian Studies Institute, 2017), 117 pp.

Praying with Vincent de Paul, newly revised, by Thomas McKenna, C.M. (Chicago: Vincentian Studies Institute, 2012), 107 pp. Free ebook edition: Praying with VdP ebook 

Saint Vincent de Paul: His Mind and His Manner, by Jack Melito, C.M. (Chicago: Vincentian Studies Institute, 2011), 127 pp.

In the Footsteps of Vincent de Paul: A Guide to Vincentian France, by John E. Rybolt, C.M. (Chicago: Vincentian Studies Institute, 2007), 450 pp. Free ebook edition: Vincentian France ebook 

Saint Vincent de Paul: Windows on His Vision, by Jack Melito, C.M. (Chicago: Vincentian Studies Institute, 1999), 170 pp. Free ebook edition: Windows on His Vision ebook 

The Vincentian Studies Institute welcomes the opportunity of reviewing proposals for future monographs and special publications. We would ask that you contact us for further details.