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Communities are built on connections. Better connections usually provide better opportunities. But, what are better connections, and how do they lead to more effective and productive communities? Just DePaul here encourages network weaving while helping you connect and provide resources. We commit to diversity, equity, and inclusion as an institutional conviction that should be reflected in all processes. We also support human dignity by actively opposing all forces that depreciate the dignity of any person. These include poverty, racism, white supremacy, and systemic violence or oppression. ​

​​Fou​​ndational Document & Just DePaul Principles​

Just DePaul is our collective commitment to advance the agenda of social and environmental justice in each one of us (the personal level), at DePaul University (the institutional level), and in the many communities, we serve and partner with locally and globally (the societal level). It is designed to support students, staff, and faculty alike. Just DePaul provides tools to incorporate social and environmental justice-oriented relationships, workplaces, spirituality and prayer, internal and external partnerships, education, and experiences across the university. 

Foundational Document - PDF

Just DePaul upholds the following principles as core to the work of Social and Environmental Justice:

1. Human Dignity: Basic Equity
2. Personalism, Compassion, and Relationship
3. Solidarity: Search for the Common Good
4. Participation: Systemic Change
5. Sustainability and Care for our ‘Common Home’
6. Transformation and Non-Violence
7. Knowledge and Experience

Download the PDF below to learn more. 

Just DePaul Principles - PDF

This document is meant to be shared as a resource to initiate conversation around the issues we would like to tackle within our own programs and initiatives. This paper investigates building sustainable communities through improving their connectivity – internally and externally – using network ties to create...opportunities. Improved connectivity is created through an iterative process of knowing the network and knitting the network. 

Building Networks - PDF 


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